plugins that are questionable whether there will be V2 updates

as there is a “positive” list: Plugins that are built for Rack v2
so I thought it could be helpfull to have a “negative” list too.

Some questionable ones:

Update 10.09.22

please report more you know of, I will update the list


Sonus Dept. says “I still have to begin the porting to version 2, but it will be done in the coming weeks!”


AS paid modules
Hora drum modules
Prok modular

Is this based on some specific info Latif or just a case of 'haven’t heard any confirmation yet"

AS paid does indeed seem a bit questionable (which would be a shame - some good ones in there)

Hora is very much still active as a developer so I would hope to see the drums updated

Prok v1 were updated quite recently so I would expect to see them updated for v2 too

This below was from 2 October, and just yesterday Raphaël was saying there is a big update for the mixers, ready by Rack 2 release.


I’m not updating to v2 if Prok isn’t coming.


I haven’t seen any info from the developers.

Also for Hora some older bugs in the drum modules for mac were never adressed/fixed.

So i kinda thought maybe they will not be updated, which would be an extreme miss in that case.

Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

How about TheXOR, computerscare, Mockba, Grande, Lindenberg?

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From Facebook:


I just checked TheXOR’s github and noticed some new modules and feature updates like quantizers on the sequencers, not sure why they haven’t been released yet as they look to have been added nearly a year ago. I hope they can get ported over to v2, they are an amazing set of modules.

I have a list of plugins I would like to have in v2

since I don’t use social networks, can I post the list here and see if someone knows about them?

You’ll find all the information anyone knows about plugins for v2 in this thread:

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Please post only the plugins, that are not mentioned in the other thread where Steve points to.

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expert sleepers



tiny tricks

wrong people

I (or you, mods) can modify this list, of course

You’ll find information about quite a few of those in the thread that I linked, from memory: AS, Befaco, Hetrick, ML, Rackwindows, Stoermelder, Surge.

You’ll find info on others like sha#bang! and voxglitch elsewhere on this forum

Also Catronomix and Nano?

I searched there (for example) for Befaco but didn’t find. thanks for your post, I modify mine :beers:

I updated the opening post

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I’m planning on updating computerscare modules for v2. I’ve started but haven’t had much time to spend on it lately.