Path Set: New Plugin, Looking for Feedback

I’m looking for feedback on my VCV Rack plugin: “Path Set.” It is now available in the VCV Library. I also created documentation and examples on GitHub.

This is my first attempt at creating a VCV Rack plugin and I would love any and all feedback. Or if you create a patch or video with one of my modules I’d love to see that.

A quick overview of the three modules:

  • Shifty is gate shift register with randomizable and controllable delays.
  • AstroVibe is a trio of oscillators with a universe of waveforms to explore.
  • IceTray a speed shifter and tape delay that can hold onto samples for glacially long amount of time.

Thanks for taking a look at my modules and any feedback you might have!



Congrats on reaching the Library, @Patheros! These look great! Looking forward to trying them out as soon as I have time. (I love the IceTray library description, by the way :slight_smile: )

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Thank you for developing these 3 gems! I love the graphics!!!

I haven’t loaded them yet in Rack, but from the docs of Astro Vibe:

“There are over three septillion signatures and no way to return to one once you leave. Currently the signatures do not persist when the patch is saved.”

That makes it useable only for live performance, at the moment.

I work on a patch for days, weeks, and I need to save all there is in a patch.

Regardless my pet peeve, great work! :+1:


Thanks! I’m glad you like the graphics.

And thanks for calling out that line. Persisting the signatures is defiantly on my list of improvements. But I wanted to get a version out to and see if anyone would use the modules first. So please do give them a try and let me know what you think. Also I think seeing other people use them will give me motivation to keep working on them.



Congrats! Very stylish and nice panels. I also enjoy ergonomics of the modules specially AstroVibe. I keep on fooling around with them.


These look great! I love the aesthetic. Very creative ideas for modules as well, I think I’ll use these a lot. Just one little nitpick is that there are typos on Ice Tray, it should be “repeats” and “pattern”. I’d it if Ice Tray were stereo too. This one is a lot of fun! Thanks so much and congrats on your first modules!

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I’ve only tried IceTray so far. I have no idea what I’m doing, but it goes absolutely mental! Need to read the manual, loving it so far though. Definite potential.


I agree. Ice Tray is wonderful. Unpredictable at the moment, but I am sure that I will use it a lot in the future. Clocked random delay thingys are a great fun!!! But it is hungry. I am on a very decent machine and it constantly swings between 4 to 8% CPU-Usage @48kHz. Win 10 - everything up to date.

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Thanks for catching those typos. I’m horrible at spelling.

I do want to add stereo to IceTray. I think it would make it work better with AstroVibe. I actually started working on it but stopped because I worried about the performance issues. How does it perform for you?

How big of a deal is the performance for you? I’m not sure if there will be a fix. The slow part is the pitch shifting that it does to offset the record speed. I guess I could put it on a toggle to turn that part off and I think it would perform a lot better. For the pitch shifting I copied the HCTIP module from Bidoo. For me it performs just as slow. I also created a thread in the dev forum to see if anyone has any ideas for making it perform better.

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Yeah IceTray is really hard for me to wrap my head around too. Especially because the changes to the knobs can be delayed dozens of seconds it can be confusing what’s going on. Please do let me know if the manual helps or if I can help.

:+1: Astro Vibe is aptly named. Some of the sounds (from my very brief exploration of it) reminded me of those NASA audio recordings derived from RF emissions from the planets.


Ice tray is the best plug-in I’ve tried so far but in my Pc CPU consumption went really crazy when using it. Hope it can be reduced the impact on cpu. Got around 8-10% Intel i9 9700k, 32gb ram ddr4, windows 10, RTX 3090.

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I would not call it unusable for me, but I have a fast PC and for a lot of users this will be more like 10% to 20% Usage and that could be a dealbreaker.


I’ve been experimenting a bit with AstroVibe, and I’m wondering if it’s intended that it is extremely dissonant? I can’t seem to find any way to tune it to the incoming 1V/Oct signal.

Edit: Holy crap Ice Cubes is amazing. I can see this going into a LOT of my patches.


Yeah AstroVibe was a random kernal idea I had that I kept bolting things onto until it sounded ok, so its hard to say what is “Intended”

If your looking for a pure tone the out of it the first thing to do is turn everything to audio, that disable all the internal routing. Then play around with the different engine and wave form settings and the frequency knob. In theory once that is “tuned” the v/oct input should work, but I don’t have a great ear for pitch so there is a chance that doesn’t work right. It might also be that you cant get rid of all the dissonance… please let me know what you find.

I’ll alao be the first to admit the music side of this stuff is a weakness of mine so please do provide feedback. Ultimately I want to make something people love using.

I’d also love to see one of your patches with IceTray once its done. I’m supper interested to see how people use it. I like the idea behind it but I was strugging to make a lot with it myself, so I’m really interested in what people do with it.

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really like the panel designs and the module’s concepts,. have not had time to test yet.

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Hello I have been using Ice Tray and now tried Shifty in a patch, work very well at producing repeating delays! Well done.

One thing though, the example patches won’t open for me, it said something about the ‘json file not been compatible’ any reason why that should be?

Here’s a patch:

RPJ PLya +ICe tray n Shifty.vcv (6.5 KB)

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“Cute” module graphics don’t normally gel with my personal aesthetic, but somehow I really like your design. It seems like it would fit in with the Fall Out series of games.

I really appreciate the limited but effective color pallet, and the spacing of the graphics to avoid clutter. I love the font for the module names. Overall a great and cohesive vibe.

I’ve only experimented briefly with Astro Vibe. Looking forward to trying Shifty and Ice Tray, especially after reading what others have said about them.

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Thanks for sharing your patch, that is pretty crazy what you’ve got going on there.

I’m not sure why you’d be having issues loading the examples. I uploaded one of them patchstorage in case that helps. Are all of them broken for you or just some of them? I’m using VCV Rack 2. If your still having issues could you post the full error your getting?