Advice for Premium Plugins?

So I just submitted an update to my first set of modules which are free and open-source. But I have several ideas for new modules and have been considering releasing them as premium modules.

I’m not expecting to make a lot of money but I think I would get enjoyment out of creating something people like enough that they are willing to buy. And I like the idea of creating something that helps support VCV rack itself.

Right now I’m thinking of releasing a set of 3 more modules focused around the nearly infinite internal signatures my free AstroVibe module has. It got the most interest in the free set so it make sense to me to focus on that. I’m thinking of pricing the 3 modules at $15. That seems in range with other modules and is hopefully still in the impulse purchase range for most people.

Overall I’m still on the fence about if this is the right thing to do. If anyone wants to share their experience or sales numbers I would greatly appreciate that. I’m also open to any advice people have on creating, marketing or pricing premium modules.


Love Your modules and can’t wait to test the new premium ones.

Hope that they are experimental nad fun to play like your first release. Maybe in the granular rever world:-)

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I would say go for it as long as you enjoy doing the development. The price you are suggesting seems about right (given I haven’t seen the modules yet haha). There’s nothing wrong with getting something back for the time you put into development although you’d probably make more doing almost anything else! Best to see it as a hobby that occasionally gives you a treat.

In our experience, a lot more people are willing to buy plugins than are willing to make donations towards them. The tricky part is making modules that are good enough and different enough from what’s already freely available to make people want to part with their money. Having both a free set and a commercial set of plugins works well I think as people tend to see buying the commercial partly as a way to ‘donate’ towards the free (while also getting something they don’t already have).

There’s no ‘timed demo’ for commercial plugins in Rack so taking the approach where there is a free, more limited version of modules that people can use in their patches, and then a more feature rich commercial version can work well.

I won’t share our exact sales number but a good/popular commercial plugin can generate sales in the hundreds over time.


a good difference between free and commercial could be monophonic vs polyphonic versions

I’m certainly interested. Oh and I’m loving the craziness of the delay!

Thank you for those positive words.

I’d love to do something in the granular reverb world, but I have to spend more time learning how that works.

Right now my current plan for my first premium plugin is…

Path Set: Infinity - Explore a galactic expanse of unparalleled combinations with three brand new modules:

  • Warp Drive - Ten total oscillators grouped into deep dual drive systems. Explore a vast range of sounds with built in rhythms and envelops. Think AstroVibe but at warp speed.
  • Quantum Scope - Create melodic sequences out of thin air. More than a simple quantizer, the Quantum Scope chaotically maps the normal voltage range to harmonically rich melody.
  • Orchestrator - The evil octopus from space. Orchestrator generates 24 control voltages and orchestrates it’s master plan on everything it gets its suction cups on.

All three of these modules will use a system similar to AstroVibe where each has a partially infinite number of internal configurations you can explore.

I’ve only just started working on one of these modules so I’m open to any feedback anyone has.


Thank you Steve. That is all really useful advice. Yeah I diffidently see this more as a fun hobby.

I also personally agree on trying to make modules that stand out. My two design goals with my modules are

  1. Provide something new that either doesn’t exist or is hard to do with existing modules
  2. Make each module its own little adventure to explore.
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I’m glad your enjoying Ice Tray. If feel like sharing any patches you make with it I’d love to see what you do. I think it has a lot of potential but I’m actually not sure the best way to use it.

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Glad to see you posting here Andrew. I saw your eye-catching modules and have been playing with two of them. Wow, they’re crazy - i love it! I’m not the most advanced synthesist out there though, so I could do with a tutorial. It would be wonderful if you or someone knowledgable could put a walkthrough video out there? Couldn’t find one and I have suggested that Omri do one on his Discord. Just a thought, might help with the uptake.

And re. the question of premium modules, by the looks of your current modules, I can see that being a viable proposition. Seems like you bring something unique to the game…


Thank you. I appreciate your positive words.

On the topic of tutorials I am planing on reaching out to Omri about making videos soon. I was I wanted to do one update pass on the free set first and am also thinking it would be good to have a premium set available at the same time.

The example patches in the git hub repro also have notes. If you haven’t looked at those I would recommend it. Those were my quick attempt at tutorials, but making videos for them is also something I’ve thought about. I personally love good videos too.


Looks like Omri did a Patreon live stream this morning! I missed it due to timeline differences but can’t wait to catch the replay!


Yeah I just watched it. It so cooling seeing him use my modules.


Not sure if you will get around to the Granular Reverb module idea, but I did find this interesting 6 page document about implementing it in Csound. Maybe it will be of use and interest to you and others

Ervik_Brandtsegg2-Granular Reverb.pdf (336.7 KB)


I found Ice Tray can sound fairly granular if you set a short recording time (0.1 - 0.2 seconds). Here’s an example just jamming with guitar:

Sounds a lot like Clouds or other granular delays, the way it takes tiny slices of the sound and randomly spits it out. I also made a weird drone thing out of that recording, which is on my yoochoob:

I’ll try and do some beta testing on the other modules but got totally sidetracked by Ice Tray, I love it! Great addition to the library, cheers.



Those are both super cool. Thank you for sharing. I love seeing what people do with my modules. If you like granular stuff you’ll be happy to know I’ve got a all granular plugin in the works too.

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Thanks, I do love granular so I’m looking forward to that! Will it be free or premium? I would probably buy it, I’ve got most of the commercial ones already. I’m a big fan of Silo, but Arturia’s new Fragments EFX is nice as well. Thanks for subscribing to my channel too :+1:

I’m currently thinking of doing it as another premium plugin again around the $15 price point. Though certainly open to feedback, and I’ve got to get Infinity out first. But I’ve got prototypes for 4 modules:

  1. Cheese Grater - A granular sample and loop
  2. Blender - A granular “Instrument”
  3. Sifter - A granular mixer
  4. Spork - A granular FX module

Ask my wife what are the main expenses in my credit card statement.

I love all Granular stuffs and have barely all the software about it from otherworldly reaktor ensembles (Blinksonic, Spot & Cycles, Tim Exile etc…), going through Portal, Mental V, Silo, INA GRM, Granite, Granulizer 2, Grainspaces, Melda productions, Inear display Litote, Streams, Remnant, the mangle, Quanta, bleass granulizer, spacecraft, dust, FRMS, Ribs, Salty Grain, all Glitchmachines stuffs, Crusher X, arturia efx fragments, Byome etc.

When You’ll push out your plugins I will sure be Your first customer :slight_smile:

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OOOH granular sign up me, I loves my granular I does!!! Sounds a right treat of granulars!!

Monty Python - Hell’s Grannies - YouTube


Thanks, these all sound really interesting. If Ice Tray is anything to go by, $15 should be a very reasonable price point!

@rigo wow, how do you decide which granular processor to use with that lot! :wink: