Patchbooks and Patchbook Blanks

From what I understand, many of the patchbooks for classic synths are out of print, or hard to find. I am undertaking a project to recreate as many as I can find. If anyone has an old patchbook that they can post here (a dodgy photo would do) I would enjoy recreating it.

I already posted the DX7 patchbook here Implementing DX7 FM algorithms in VCVRack - #41 by ScreenSlave and I have the one for the ARP Odyssey done; I am working on the ARP 2600 and one for the CS-80 (the pages in the user manual are very rough - it seems only a photocopy survives, even on the Yamaha website).

ARP Odyssey Patch Book.pdf (81.1 KB)

Voice Data List.pdf (171.5 KB)

CS-80 Patchbook 1up.pdf (110.4 KB)

I am sharing these in the hope that people will find them useful, to preserve a part of synth history, and in the expectation that I am not infringing any copyrights. If you pass them on, please do it for free with no strings.

[EDIT]. I’ll add more here as I do them. Watch this space.


Memorymoog soundcharts

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Not patch books, but manuals (some containing patch descriptions)

Synthesizer Manuals Collection

Collecting several hundred manuals in one location, this collection of information about Music Synthesizers spans over 40 years of technology and products. Most consist of information about programming, usage and operation of synthesizers, as well as software products that emulate synthesizers. Additional scans are always welcome.

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I guess you mean stuff like this?

Brian Eno Yamaha DX7 Patches

Some MiniMoog patches (Rick Wakeman):

Suzanne Ciani’s Buchla Cookbook?

Then check out the efforts of VCV Rack hero Pyer (of Geodesics fame and more). He translated Suzanne Ciani patches from the Cookbook to VCV Rack (in a great and informative series of YouTube videos)


These are great (I have some of them) but I was focussing on blanks for people to use. I have used the Eno one to reproduce his sounds in a VCV Rack patch. Great fun to do.

This is exactly what I need - I can download these and work through them (probably starting with the bad reproductions).

I’ll take requests lol.

MS-20 mini/MS-20 Patch Book

(original 70s patchbook, rewritten for IOS virtual Korg MS20)

Welcome to the MS-20 patch book, created to supplement the original book published in the late 1970’s. The authors of the original book created examples that were relevant during that period but could never have dreamed how music and technology would evolve over the next 3 decades. This collection is aimed at more modern music genres demonstrating the MS-20’s continuing desirability more than 36 years later.

The patches in the book are derived from the KORG iOS application iMS-20, this gives a nice graphical view of the MS-20 panel making it easier to set up these great sounds.

From Korg Support site

ARP 2600 FS/2600 Patch Book

(also from the Korg Support site)

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Better quality than the one I have - thank you :slight_smile:

Korg Support Download → Synthesizers / Keyboards offers loads more info/docs on loads of gear. Including discontinued and analog gear. Stuff like manuals, (empty) patch charts and patch books.

Including the various versions of the ARP Odyssey, possibly in better quality/resolution then what you already have.

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Learning Music with Synthesizers has sheets for ARP Odyssey patches: Learning music with synthesizers : Friend, David : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive (I have a copy of this one.)

Issues of Aftertouch (Yamaha Users Group magazine) sometimes have patches for various black box era Yamaha synths (not a complete list as the naming of the files is not consistent):

Old copy of Polyphony magazine (near the back): polyphony-1979-sept-oct : Polyphony Magazine : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

How to Make Electronic Music has some patches (called “synthesizer experiments” in the book) but not for any specific synths: How to make electronic music : Drake, Russell : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Synapse magazine will have patches through the issues, but need to go looking: Synapse Magazine (1976-1979) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

ARP 2600 owners manual has some but you need to dig: ARP 2600 Owners Manual : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Programming and Meta-Programming The Electro Organism: An Operating Directive for the Music Easel by Allen Strange for some Buchla patches: Programming and Meta-Programming The Electro Organism: An Operating Directive for the Music Easel : Allen Strange : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

These Roland books:

EMS Synthi patch sheet on Electro-Notes (and no doubt more to find if you go looking over there): :: View topic - EMS Synthi Patch Sheet

I’ll shut up now. :slight_smile:

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Some great links there :pray: thank you.

I think what you want are called “facsimile” sheets or pads. That brings back memories. I used to have one 50 years ago. Precious stuff when photocopiers were not so ubiquitous.

Try this one:

Or this one:

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That’s the one I had started and this version is a good quality PDF so I won’t need to do it again.

ARP2600-M_BlankSheet.pdf (443.0 KB)

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This is a great thread. Tons of incredibly useful info here. Thank you all!!

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