name the free version of VCV Rack v2

Thanks for the refresher. It has already been published a lot about V2 and maybe I missed one or the other. With “intentions and strategies” I actually meant the marketing. The naming plays a significant role when it comes to potential buyers. Technically, the name is quite no matter.

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Ah, got it :slight_smile:

I agree that the naming is quite important (hence my apparent addiction to this thread :sweat_smile:). Names can also be pretty sticky: here’s GearNews announcing Rack Community Edition even though the VCV announcement said the name was tentative…

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It is often said in software engineering (at least in my experience, as a sort of joke-meme that stems from a universal truth) that the two hardest problems are caching & naming. In this case you have both, trying not to invalidate the cached name of “VCV Rack” and trying to think of a name for the evolved product. As is common in life you may have to make a compromise, lest your pursuit of perfection impedes your improvement.

oiow; I think Community & Studio will work just fine


I thought the two hardest problems were caching, naming, and off-by-one errors?

Anyway, well put :slight_smile:


Robin “Molten Modular” Vincent wrote that article so it must be true :wink:

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Looks like it was! :slight_smile:

Nice thinking starting the thread, @main.tenant, and, again, props to @attheleash for “Studio”! Maybe there should be a forum badge for “Rack 2 Namer” :star2:


Differentiating VCV Rack with editions seems like a sensible choice to me.

There are three sorts of mathematician: those who can count and those who can’t.


As a user willing to use VCV Rack in my DAWs, I’m longing to see VCV Rack Studio come to life, but I’m a bit worried by the price. I read months ago that the VST version would probably cost around 99$ (I dont’ remember where I read it). Now I read 149$ from @pyer. I guess these are only predictions, but I wonder it this is the real order of magnitude of the price that we should expect.

For my personal economies 50$, 150$, 300$ make a big difference. It means staying with VCV or having to leave it (becase on Windows any inter app audio communication and clock sync is a nightmare!).

Not to worry, there’s been an official announcement on this:

I haven’t seen how long the release sale would last, but this is a pretty common model for audio software now and in my experience a two to four week period is typical. There might also be occasional sales after release (as there are for paid plugins, including VCV plugins, in the library)–I’m speculating on that point, though, so if you can buy it for $99 during the release period I would do so.

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I think $99 is a steal, $150 is fine by me as well. Considering what you get. Softube Modular is ok, but the UI is kinda crummy and slow, preset browser is rough, and I am not fond of Voltage modular.

IMO VCV is just a beast. UI is amazing, sounds amazing, Mutable, Befaco, Instruo…hopefully Malekko will come out, and I am sure once its out, other companies will jump in as well.

I like the price point for what you get.


while it’s true that it’s nice to see Eurorack hardware companies make modules for VCV, there are quite a few free VCV modules that have no eurorack equivalent and are very good. Thousands of them, actually. And most are free.


Absolutely agree. I have assembled a hybrid system for this very reason.

I agree completely, I was naming the brands just because its an obvious draw factor for new users, or those not sure what to choose regarding spending money on a plugin

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VCV Rack Twister: The free edition.

VCV Rack VST: The plugin.

Has anyone ever said "Jeez, I wanna give that Ableton a try, but my budget only allows me to get Abletone Lite, which is the opposite of Ableton Heavy, and I like heavy stuff. Oh I guess I’ll just keep on using Audacity :frowning: " ?

Has anyone ever said "Oooh, I really wanna buy that u-he synth, but it’s called Diva, and I hate divas, they’re so self centered. I guess I’ll just keep on using Dexed :frowning: " ?

Once v2 and VST are released, people who want it will buy it. No matter what it’s called.

Those who won’t buy it because of its name will represent a drop in the ocean.

I have never EVER heard a musician refuse a useful creative tool because they didn’t like the name. Heh, people keep buying Behringer stuff by the loads, even though the internet is full of articles and videos revealing their f–ed up behavior.

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The other guy : there’s a difference for me between $99 and $150, my personal finances make it so.

You : I don’t have those financial problems, so I find the price fair.

Cool, man :slight_smile:

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Don’t knock Dexed.

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I’m not knocking it, I chose it because it’s a completely different synth engine than Diva.

And my 2¢ VCV Rack Lux (light)