name the free version of VCV Rack v2

Andrew’s open to us suggesting names for the free version of VCV Rack as when the commercial version is launched it will be called VCV Rack and the free version renamed. He’s currently referring to it as VCV Rack CE, Community Edition, but not wedded to it.

My 2p… VCFree Rack or FreeCV Rack


I like VCV Rack CE, it’s a common trope in the freeware vs paid support model.

If you go VCFree or Freecv it messes up searches for VCV. You want to make searching easy for the free folks who’ll be looking to forums for solutions/support.


Yes. and fwiw VCV is a fairly strong “brand” I think. I think VCV Rack CE is good. What about VCV Rack Free?

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I like the “community edition” - it sounds open and personal. Free is always cheap as well and most often a reduced feature set. In addition there will be paid modules, so it is not completely free and that could bring up questions like “do i need the paid version to buy modules?” or “why is it called free, i have to pay for modules!”.

I think “VCV Rack” should always be part of the “free” edition.


Counterexample: Free42 the hp42s emulator, is a fantastic (not cheap) piece of software.

Yes, but is there a paid version as well? Another example of a software synth with different editions would be Vital, available as Basic (free), Plus (some money) and Pro (more money) with different feature sets and presets. I don’t like “basic” - it has the same feeling as “free” for me . maybe that’s why I never really used it.

A quick google search “marketing word free” to see what the marketing-pros are thinking was very interesting. It is good and it is bad :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m glad he ditched “Rack for DAWs”

“VCV Rack CE” sounds nice to me. Or it could remain “VCV Rack” as always, then naming the new product something like “VCV Rack Pro”.

But again, “VCV Rack CE” sounds good.


I like the VCV Rack + VCV Rack CE names as well!


An excellent point. If you can’t find it (or shall I say “can’t google it”?) then it doesn’t exist, like an incorrectly shelved library book.

“VCV Rack CE” works for me, especially as it still doesn’t sound like it would be some crippleware or adware version.

I have a related question: Will VCV Rack v1 still be easily available after v2 comes out? And the v1 library of plugins?

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VCV Rack Lite?

“VCV Rack CE” is currently my preference.


VCV Rack CE vs. VCV Rack sounds good for me, and is easy to find with uncle Google or Ant DuckDuckGo, or the others.

But VCV Rack vs. VCV Rack Pro sound good, too.

VCV Rack Lite sounds a little bit cheap and pruned. It could deter new interested users with limited financial resources, I think.

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I would probably prefer “VCV Rack” for the basic/community/current/free version, and “VCV Rack PRO” for the commercial+pro support+VST enhanced version. It’s a known and common pattern, and easy to understand for people.

(Q: “How do I get the VST?” - A: “Oh, you need the PRO version, it costs a bit but it’s worth it, and you get better support”)


CE = “Cracked Edition”? :grin:

  • Free version: VCV Rack for Kids
  • Paid version: VCV Rack for Adults


VCV Rack for the free version

VCV Rack Pro for the commercial version

It says it all and the Pro version is obviously an upgrade with more features etc.


VCV Rack C(ommunity) E(dition) for the free version. VCV Rack Pro(fessional Edition) for the commercial version.

Just like Visual Studio really, except that there probably is no need for an Enterprise Edition (or Educational editions …)

Of course a lot will depend on the restrictions / feature list and corresponding price tags of the community edition versus the professional editions.

VCV Rack CE sounds great, so another vote here, where’s the poll?

Unfortunately my sounds won’t become any better, maybe in v3…

The issue I see with “VCV Rack Pro” is that it suggests that it has more features than the open-source version, other than including plugin versions. I don’t want people to think that the open-source version is a “lite” or slimmed-down version of Rack.

In fact, the open-source version will include new features 1-2 weeks before the commercial version, so it will often have more features and bug fixes.


To me “pro” implies “payed for”. Also community edition definitely implies cut down in my mind.


What about labeling it “Commercial” rather than “Pro”?