name the free version of VCV Rack v2

everyone could copy them answer in a new thread, the you select the right answer on that :upside_down_face:

Actually I realised that I could uncheck the solution on the initial post from Andrew that I marked as the solution, but not on the version that was embedded in the top post. So I’ve done that now.

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Good move.

Even better.

VCV Rack and VCV Rack Pro gets my vote :slight_smile:


My vote is for Racky McRackface!




They are not (at least not a month ago). Included are technical support and DAW integration. As far as I know no commercial Modules are part of the Deal.


I know it’s already settled but why does it even have to be different names? Ideal would’ve been just VCV (ditch the “Rack”) and keep the name for both versions, assuming the apps are identical and you’d upgrade the free-mode using a license mechanism of some sort.

My second best choice would’ve been VCV and VCVF.

… I’m a sucker for short names … they pack a much greater punch.

VCV is a company.

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Yeah, I’m trying to keep it un-confused as well: VCV is the company and Rack is the product. But everyone has started to mix it together, even Andrew is doing it now, so that issue might be lost…

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I think the confusion is due to the fact that, when you install the program, it appears entirely named “VCV Rack”, rather than just “Rack”, as happens for example for “FL Studio”, whose company is called “Image-Line” and does not appear in the name of the installed software.

Same goes for:

software “Reason” / company “Propellerhead”

software “Reaper” / company “Cockos”

software “Cubase” / company “Steinberg”

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I never thought about this, and looking at the software I have installed I think it’s a good point but not a hard rule: Mozilla, Microsoft, and Yamaha are other outliers that prefix their software like VCV does.

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Absolutely. I was mostly talking about DAWs. Another one that comes to mind is: software “Maschine” / company “Native Instruments”, or: software “Logic Pro X” / company “Apple”, again: software “Studio One” / company “Presonus”. And I think it’s the same for all the ones I’ve forgotten ahaha

Then with regard to software of all kinds, there are certainly many signed with the name of the company.

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I think Ableton Live is maybe the best comparison here. Ableton also makes Push and Link and maybe some other things, but people say Ableton and Live interchangeably.

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I think that Ableton Live is the only software with the same “problem”, for years many people have been convinced that the software was called Ableton, myself included. Now I know it’s called Live, but I keep calling it Ableton.

And I can’t say for sure because I’ve never used Live much, but maybe the old versions when you installed them were called Ableton Live, and people got confused. While now when you install, you only read Live.

There is also Bitwig with … ahhmm Bitwig,

but there are some other examples not from the DAWs,

here in germany many years a Käfer (the older Beetle) and VW had almost the same meaning. so some products and their company names can get messed up, when the product gets really famous.

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In Britain every vacuum cleaner is called a Hoover whatever the actual brand it comes from.

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Ahahahah like rolling tobacco, in Italy it is say “smoking a drum”, because the first tobacco was called Drum, and now even though a thousand other brands are used, the name Drum has remained.

That’s “tempo” in germany for a handkerchief. “Hast Du mal ein Tempo für mich?” / “Do you have a Tempo for me?” is understood in all of germany :stuck_out_tongue:

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