more fx modules are needed

Can you export an effect ‘rack’ so others can use them or do you just explain how you made your effect rack? I’m dabbling into granular effect now with live input and I might have some to share…

It is almost impossible to make a good reverb by patching delays. And the reverbs that are like this have maybe 20 delays all tuned just so.

But there is nothing magic about a chorus, a flanger, a crazy filter. You can patch almost all effects easily. But not reverb. Or a pitch shifter. Or even a freq shifter for that matter.

Any advice how to do it Bruce with maybe Fundamental only or at least a more DIY approach?

Effects Patches

Thread started, we’ll see how it goes and might adjust.


Yes, select all models you want and Edit->Save Selection. As… Then to load into a patch by selecting Edit-> Import Selection

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Yep, totally agree with this Latif! I spend way more time patching effects than I do making music, so I’m happy to chain stuff together and make complex patches. Come to think of it, I don’t finish much actual music, but when I do, I think my live ambient looping/FX with Rack is better than stuff I’ve sequenced with it. Seeing as someone suggested being more helpful, @thisguy have a look at DwineKcuttop, Author at Patchstorage

I started a series on modular guitar effects, and there are patches shared for a talk box, ring modulation (although that used the Blamsoft filter which hasn’t made it V2), random step phaser, a Microcosm pedal emulator, and a chorus/freeze/looper made from delay modules. Also try searching the VCV section of Patchstorage for effects. Obviously you don’t have to use these with guitar, but maybe if you can be a bit more specific about the type of FX you’re looking for, people can either help with patching it from scratch or getting an idea for developing a module. Let’s not have a massive bun fight about whether or not there are enough effects and help each other out instead!

Finally, don’t forget you can run your own code in the Prototype module. I’ve used a few Pure Data patches this way. If you download and install it, there’s example code with quite a few common effects which may give you some ideas. I’m terrible at coding but had a lot of fun running someone else’s Pd granular patch in Rack. This is another thing which I’ve not seen used much, and has enormous scope.



I personally wouldn’t bother trying to make a reverb from scratch in VCV because it won’t sound very good, and there are plenty of nice sounding ones already available. In general though, I do like the idea of patching from scratch as you have more control over the sound and it’s also a good learning process to discover how effects work. I made my own phaser once from all-pass filters and feedback, arguably also largely pointless but it was kind of satisfying! I also love to modulate delays and build my own chorus/flangers. The real game changer with VCV is the modulation, because you can take standard effects like these and make them subtly, or completely different. Randomness, probability, envelope followers, sample and hold. This is what makes VCV effects very different to just throwing a plugin on a DAW or using pedals.

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Thank you so much. I too avoid Facebook and think this right here is a well suited space for sharing and gathering of ideas / patches.


I closed my Facebook account 12 years ago. It’s good to be back in the loop.