more fx modules are needed

I think it would be great if developers put out new fx modules - get creative. not the bread and butter stuff like just a delay or chorus.

you could also get creative and combine the modules that are already there to make your imagined superduperfantasticmultimega FX. :wink:


…you can also use the Host FX to put in whatever VST plugin you want. It’s amazing how well that works.


Well, get creative and don’t just demand more modules… what are you missing?


After many years of playing around with synth, I think the FX module aren’t really what matters. Sculpting the sound is really at the core of what you can do. A chorus is just a LFO mapped to a certain parameter, so you don’t really need a chorus, you can build yourself that ‘FX’. In short it’s all about bread and butter, but then you stack 10 slice of bread and fry it in butter and see what it does, cut it in little pieces, add some spice to it and you can create pretty much anything. Go really granular, shred that bread in dust, melt that butter and let the dust float in that butter while you stir and let it harden… no need fx, just bread and butter


i think there are more than enough fx modules in rack. that’s not to say there isn’t plenty more possibilities to explore, but for the purpose of just making music, there’s more than enough.

ConstAddMult and XattoTime is the perfect double to create any effect you want :slight_smile:


Although there are some great fx it would be cool to see something a bit more out there. I’ve noticed recently that while we have some fantastic reverbs by Valley, VCV, and NYSTHI, there are few of them available compared to many other types of modules. The linux part of me looks at the list and sees even fewer really good ones which are open source.

Personally I would like to see something like Glitch vst or B.Oops in rack, or something more FSU (fuck shit up).

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@thisguy it might be helpful to be more specific. I get where you’re coming from though, I felt like that too once upon a time. But as others have pointed out, most of the tools to make up just about any fx you can imagine are in Rack already at this stage. The other thing to add is that devs often love it if you have a suggestion for them that fits in with their existing module collection like say you have something to do with granular you might suggest your idea to voxglitch say, or if you have something to do with anything possible in VCVRack you might ask @synthi if his NYSTHI collection doesn’t already do it (it probably does) :stuck_out_tongue: Some module devs don’t mind making any module that they fancy, others stuck to a pretty tight theme. Both are awesome!

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Sorry, I also totally disagree! There are loads of cool effects in VCV, and you can also patch your own. I make a lot of modular guitar effects, and there is hardly anything you can’t do. Look at the Mutable Instruments stuff for a start, Clouds is the obvious choice but Rings and Elements can process external audio, and Meta Modulator totally mangles stuff. There are ring modulators and other granular modules (VoxGlitch GrainFX, Frequency Domain Grains of Wrath are both great). You can use audio into CV inputs too, like patching guitar/samples into an oscillator sync input or clock divider, or use it to FM a filter. For glitch there’s Nysthi’s samplers (just record into Simpliciter/Complex Simpler and give it a random rec/play trigger - instant madness). I’m working on a step flanger at the moment using the new Hora Milennium module, that’s really nasty. Even just using regular modules there’s a lot you can do, like three Chronoblob delays in crossfading mode, patched in series into some resonant filters with all the delay times randomly modulated much more interesting than regular effects. Also use different modulation sources, so instead of a regular LFO try an envelope follower, randomness or sample and hold - for example a phaser with S&H modulating the sweep is a totally different effect to a standard phaser pedal. Try Nysthi’s Wormholizer, I have no idea what that does but it can FSU nicely. Frequency shifters! I could go on all night but I’ve got other stuff to do. All that’s needed is experimentation and imagination :slight_smile:


Some cool suggestions there @SuperMuppet sounds like you might be interested in Effects Pedal Rack group on Facebook

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Hi Paul, I’m already on that group but it doesn’t seem to get many posts/replies. Will have another look. I’m always surprised there aren’t more people using rack as an FX processor, it’s the bollocks!

Yeah, I wish I had more time to devote to it. If just a few people start throwing a patch up there a week I think it would gain traction pretty fast. There’s enough members there now.

I have a few:

Booty Shifter: a frequency shifter Growler: a vocal animator. Chopper: A tremolo with built in clock multiplier. Shaper: perhaps the distortion with the lowest aliasing and the most options. Comp and Comp2: Compressors. Formant: a formant synthesizing filter.

Most of these have been out for years.


Thanks @Squinky for reminding me. I use the AS Tremolo just because it’s the first thing that comes up when I search on ‘tremolo’

I will give Chopper another try along with Shaper, which I’ve not really used yet either. It’s exciting to me because all the other Squinky plugins that I do use obsessively are so damn good.


I would like to have the Vult incubus fx combo to be usable as a single module, what kind of prey should be good to sacrifice to the dsp god for this @modlfo , the traditional spicy KFC and fried potatoes would be enough? (fried black chicken, of course)

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haha - thanks! Shaper is pretty popular, I think. There aren’t a lot of wave-shapers around that are that good. Hope you have fun.

I agree here, Modular has just so much more to offer especially the innovation part where new things are created excited me most. I feel you, cause I like to have some nice effects too but now that I can put them easily as a host plugin I’m more like, just be creative and innovative no need for fx any more…

the reactions in this thread are quite off putting and reminds me of why i stopped posting in this place for the longest time. just telling op to “get creative” implying that they are entitled or ungrateful, or just use the vst host is dismissive and ignores the fact that they are 100% right. the format could really use some more fx. especially ones that take advantage of modular capabilities and especially now that there is a vst fx version.

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