more fx modules are needed

true there is nothing wrong in having more effects, but these discussions are always based or personal preferences. And people here are can give immidiate feedbacks to developers. There is nothing wrong in asking for more effects either. Again just personal preferences excuse me if my comment sounded superior.

I want to have a go at some DSP so if there’s a lack of something I’m happy to listen to ideas.


What effects, specifically, do you think are missing in the modules, and combinations of modules, that are currently available?

I second your sentiment that some of the reactions lately seem a bit rushed and based on assumptions about the OP… it’s down to tonality I guess. I am thinking of something like „imho there are plenty of options and I can’t think of something I miss if I consider the modular possibilities. Have you had a look at the whole library yet? Here are some of my favorites….“.

Personally I think a lot of people in here are a little bit on edge right now, given the amount of new posts by new VCV users and the content of these of may say so. So it’s important to also sympathize with their state of mind.

Your statement will hopefully give us all another push to wait just a few more seconds before typing something based of our initial (emotional) reaction. Politeness is never too much to ask for!

As for fx modules. I think it comes down to convenience. Not having to use 3-8 modules for a specific sound. So there are not needed as in absolutely necessary. But they could help people explore new sonic territory with less expertise and I think there are lots of examples of modules currently in the library that fulfill this exact purpose :slight_smile:

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F.W.I.W. there really are a lot of great building blocks in VCV ready to be used for building the most awesome effect one could dream up :slight_smile:

As said , we got the basics: Reverb / Delay / Chorus / Distortion, then there are shapers / crushers / resonators / compressors and more.

When these are used in combination with LFO / other types of modulation, and VCA’s , one can literally build any type of effect.

hint: ShapeMaster + all of the above, Vector mixer by Nysthi plus any of the above or whatever you could come up with.

The sky is the limit really :slight_smile:


Yep, this. The main ethos of modular is to build complex patches from simple blocks. And experimenting with that can be a lot of fun and you’ll learn a lot too.

If you do want to get stuck into a complex multi-effect, then I’d recommend Host + Devious Machines Infiltrator! That thing’s a beast.


I am sorry, what? The OP used this exact words to demand something unspecific but outstanding:

How is the question “What are you missing?” wrong?

And “100% right”, when at least a few people here are saying the opposite is not how a discussion here normally works, not even when you feel the need to write in bold letters.

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Let’s keep it civil. Some people are happy to build multi-module chains to get where they want. Others want a one module solution.


…and some ones like both



It could be argued there’s really only 3 effects anyway - delay, distortion and frequency shifting.

[runs for cover]


I think that this thread hasn’t been hostile. I’m a veteran of the Usenet Flame Wars of the 1980s, so I have pretty thick skin.

The “get creative” thing is a valid suggestion. I’ve been working with synths and effects (real and virtual) for nearly 30 years, and there just aren’t that many different musically useful ways to change sound

  1. Time based (delay, flange, chorus, reverb)
  2. Wave shaping (distortion, overdrive, clipping)
  3. Filtering. (High/Low/Bandpass/Allpass/Phase Shift, Resonator, Vocoder)
  4. Dynamics (compression,limiting)

I may have forgotten some things, but those are the biggies. Everything else amounts to “get creative” by combining them.

As it happens ALL of those effects (and some other oddball stuff) are already available in Rack.


thanks for the thoughts. I guess I was thinking more like new creative fx modules rather than piecing effects together from existing modules. When you see al the pedals out there, you would think a bunch of people would want to do some of this in VCV

On the other hand if there already are these great fx chains, are they being shared somewhere?

I see your point… but the OP stated:

I think it would be great if developers put out new fx modules - get creative.

So I reply with a similar answer, ‘you get creative’. From this fairly ‘I demand’ first post, you can’t really expect a lot of compassionate answers. On an open source project which already takes so much time to manage, I think it’s important to give a bit when you ask for something, and if the answers seems a bit ‘rude’ it might indicate you’re coming at it from a wrong angle.


Classic and alternative delays, chorus, classic and alternative reverbs, different types of distortion, phaser, flanger … Honestly, I don’t think there is a lack of effect modules. It is up to us who use them to discover new ways to do it. The ways of the modular are infinite, it is like our brain, we use it every day but we know less than 10% of it


Check and study the submissions on VCV Rack Archives | Patchstorage But I think it would be great if you would create your own fx chains - get creative.

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I designed Effects Pedal Rack to be a place for this kind of thing. It’s quite quiet in there but I’m hoping that will change with Rack 2 being out.


Thanks everyone

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Hey there! You know I enjoy patching my own effects (like trying to make a flanger that morphs into a delay) but I wouldn’t object to someone implementing harmonic tremolo. Just to try to clarify the dichotomy here: a while ago some of us folks on Twitch had a brief craze for fundamental only patches. It was fun but we had a problem, how do we do reverb? Someone (maybe @dronehands or @jaynothin) came up with the solution: 5 delays in sequence set a certain way. It was an interesting experiment but not as good as Plateau or, really, any of the other well implemented reverbs around here. So, yes, there is a place for patching your own stuff together but it’s not the end of the game.


some of us (perhaps the most forum users??) are trying to avoid facebook, lets open a thread here !


You might be right.

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