Effects Patches

Drop your effects patches in this thread:

I’m thinking we should set a suggested format for this thread:

Something like:

  • Video/Audio Link of the patch being played

  • Description of what you were trying to achieve in creating this patch.

  • Suggested applications (what did you design it to be an effects patch for?):

    • Bass, Lead, Chords, Percussion, Soundscape
  • Link to the patch


Great idea.

Come on, get yer FX out!

I’ll start: this was my latest one, using the updated AS Delay Plus to make an octave shifting granular style delay.

As for format, I usually put the description on PatchStorage and a link to a YouTube video, which usually also has a bit more explanation. I don’t like to put quick half-finished things on my YT channel, so that one was just on the Facebook group. Making video takes ages, so it might be easier just to share the patch. Or we could post audio examples to a shared Soundcloud or something? That would be a lot quicker.


an unexpected distortion

I use this for guitars and synths (great with sine waves)

(this patch is using the Vult bypass, if you are into the pedal rack you should have Vult, )


The patch

audist.vcv (1.7 KB)


Have you not a humbucker or direct box?

this fundamental block for your pedal rack , is a noise gate , not sure if is still compatible (this was made in the 0.5 I think) ) , the image could help as reference.

the patch


I use a really simple combo of delay & pitch shift to create a crude Doubler

This can be used to make a lead interesting, or spice up the stereo field.

What you need is a fully wet delay with very low feedback and a short time. In this patch I am using 10% feedback and 0.025 seconds.

Next pass the signal into a pitch-shifter and slightly detune it.

Then combine the signal with the original (or send it to a mixer and add some extra panning and EQ).

In this patch the modules to the left are creating a signal, the modules to the right are for output, it is just the 3 modules in the centre that are creating the effect.

The larger the time and pitch-shift, the more extreme the effect will be, but I find less extreme application works better, less is more…

You could also modulate the delay time/feedback and/or the pitch-shift amount for further effects, also the VCV delay has the tone control which can also be used as well.

doubler.vcv (3.5 KB)


I mentioned this over on Facebook but for anyone not over there, I highly recommend checking out the technique used on the mixer in this patch, as it can be employed in many different ways.

MixMaster allows Aux Returns to be routed back to groups, and the groups have their own sends, which means the FX returns can be sent out to FX again - this feature (which I very rarely see get used, so I was very happy to see this!) allows you to add FX to your FX. This enables you to do some relatively straightforward things, like putting reverb on your delay for example, or as in this case, to create more complex, carefully controlled, multiple delay feedback loops. It’s a very powerful technique - be careful when adding reverb to your reverb though as that can get out of hand very quickly!

By default, MixMaster prevents a group sending out to the same effect for which the group’s source is that effect’s aux return (you’ll see a little red LED light up next to the send knob for that effect) - this is a safety feature to prevent harsh feedback loops spiralling out of control - however if you are confident you know what you are doing, you can turn this safety feature off in MixMaster’s global settings.

All feedback loops are done at the users own risk and MindMeld accepts no responsibility for blown speakers or any other fried audio equipment resulting from such overly creative use :slight_smile:


Thanks Steve for the valuable info.

Here is my patch based on a recommendation from SuperMuppet using Hora Millenia as both delay and resonator and 2 Chronoblobs to produce a multitude of feedback delay based fxs from a Audible Macro and Resonator for guitar style sweeps and other mayhem.

Stream Macro N Res Guitar - Triple Delays Dub Sonic Boom by Adrian Bottomley | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Macro n Res guitar-triple delays.vcv (6.1 KB)


If all goes as we all hope, this thread is going to become incredibly massive with conversations about different effects entries forking in every direction. There’s going to be some real gems here. But imagine what this thread will be like in the future. Finding specific effects from the past will be challenging to say the least. Does the topic deserve its own category? Although it is about “Music & Patches”, it seems like it could be a unique category. It could be filled with different threads about specific effects techniques, and virtual rebuilds of practical units, each appropriately titled. Everyone can do that already on patchstorage but that’s not really a place for discussions. Either way, it’s exciting to know this will all be here on the home forum rather than blocked behind the FB wall.

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Here’s one I made earlier, a sampler based on the Ultomaton sampler, a bit messy but given the right sounds it can produce reasonable results. Maybe some use to someone.

Ultomaton Sampler in VCV Rack - Plugins & Modules - VCV Community

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Another one I have been tinkering with this afternoon-A Synthi Hi Fli Guitar Synth. Mr Gilmour used this on a few of the Pink Floyd tracks. Not too sure how close it is to the original but all the components are there.

The patch:

Synthi Hi fli style.vcv (6.0 KB)

There is audio:

Stream Synthi Hi Fli Style 2 - Vibrato + by Adrian Bottomley | Listen online for free on SoundCloud


@synthi now there’s a module that’s on brand for you! Will there be a Nysthi Hi-Fli coming?


Sort of sliced band pass delay. Description is in the patch. Drum loops and speech in particular sound good.

bandpassedelays.vcv (2.9 KB)

Always love to mangle audio with your patches, this does sound a good idea. I’ll try it out as suggested and see what mayhem I can create. Thanks, much appreciated.

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Thankee! Save the koto!

Well, is the Koto worth saving, I hear there are thousands of them running around in Japan causing mayhem!! Impromptu concerts everywhere without even asking!!

I have used the patch but I have been naughty again and put a sequencer into the Macro 2 and produced a minimalist Koto and tabla duo sometimes, depending on the FW BPM LFO 2 speed etc.

Bandpassedelays - Chrtlnghmstr - Scholastic Seq in Voga and an Hamster for Christmas (soundcloud.com)

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Further developments in the Kleinemaschinen [ me in my mad sonic experimenter mode] lab, a varispeed tape duo with Multitap Delay and modulated reverb and filtering -F2 Squinky Labs. It does get loud very quickly, beware!!

Not sure it is any use to anyone else but here it is mwaaahhaa! World domination will be mine! :skull: :scream: :man_scientist:

Multitap bass.vcv (5.8 KB)

Multitap Bass 4 Varispeed Tapes - Compressed by Adrian Bottomley (soundcloud.com)

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Someone mentioned GitHub - sjaehn/BOops: Sound glitch effect sequencer LV2 plugin in the other thread, and I thought about a way to sequence and blend/chain multiple effects.

This was what I came up with:

Video Description: The FX-Chain is bypassed first, I did a quick random sequence just for demonstration purposes. After that I un-bypass the FX-Chain which is essentially 6 FX in series, blended with a crossover each and the crossover amount is modulated with shapemaster, which I synced via a BPM LFO. Then there are two additional FX, where channel 7 and 8 control the Send-Amount to the reverb and the delay. I show each effect and how to randomize the FX-Amounts in Shapemaster.

The main concept and take-away here is how to serialize multiple effects with crossovers. I used submarine, because they are stereo and two in one. You can sequence with whatever you like, I used shapemaster here because of the really effective randomize function and because I think it is a massively under-used module. Change the FX to whatever you like, use audio-inputs and external clock, it should be really easy to convert this into a VST-FX.

Here is the Patch: FX Sequencer.vcv (10.7 KB)


  • mo

Thank you for your work on this patch. An ingenious mind is always a valuable thing!

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Mo, that’s some great work! I haven’t bought Shapemaster yet but will probably use some of the ideas in this patch. I’ll try and share a few more over the holidays too.

One idea I might go back to was a kind of ‘morphing’ FX, inspired by an old Lexicon hardware effects processor called the Vortex. Your patch reminded me to have another look at this. The basic concept was having two settings (A and B), which could be variations of the same effect, or two completely different effects. You could connect a foot switch, and pressing it would interpolate somehow from A to B and back. Some of the effects could be modulated into audio range, so if you had a slow LFO on A and a fast/audio rate on B, everything would slowly ramp up when you morphed. At the time, I couldn’t quite get this working the way I wanted and hours of googling never revealed exactly how the morphing worked, but I think you could get very similar results by cross-fading parameters like you’ve done here. I’ll have another try using Stoermelder’s Transit module (grabbing the beta now) and post up if I get anything I like. Cheers!

Micro Looping.vcv (4.8 KB)

Here’s another one, I’m currently away for Christmas so can’t post an audio example (apparently it’s a family time, and sitting around with headphones on working on mad sounds doesn’t go down with the mother-in-law :wink:)

It’s a kind of micro-looper/beat repeat using four Complex Simplers. The record/playback trigger is driven by independent BPM LFOs with the clock multiplier/divider control modulated by Caudal. The idea is it loops at different rates which are always a multiple or fraction of the tempo. It’s also nice for un-sync’d ambient stuff. Drums end up a bit messy, so it’s one of those things where you probably want to record a load and then edit to re-sample the good bits.

Also, this patch was made for use in a DAW with the Pro VST plugin, I’d patch it slightly differently in the standalone version. Does anyone think it’s worth a separate thread for kind of ‘DAW plugin sub-patches’ or whatever you’d call it? Just a thought.