Ultomaton Sampler in VCV Rack

Hello here I go with one of my crazy ideas again! This time it is to try build the Ultomaton in VCV Rack:

Only modules I am not sure about are the Reversed Stretcher section on this set up-any modules ideas for what would work for that particular section.

Loopers=Lilac Looper, Luppolo -3 of them in one module, Foursome

Granulator-Grainfx, Grains of Wraith

Microlooper??? A small looper=Voxglitch?


Audio file player-Nysthi Complex Simpler

Any other suggestions for switches mutes, maybe don’t want them all playing at once, could get loud very quickly. Thank you for listening, much appreciated.

I love this sampler! I used it a lot a while ago. Could be very interesting to have a similar setup in VCV.

Maybe use my Tape Recorder for the Reversed Stretcher. It can play in reverse and you can set/modulate the tape speed speed by 1V/Oct. on speed input.

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Thanks Ahornberg, so what would be the best to put into speed input, fast clock or a pitch shifter?

Use a pitch shifter. If you put in 0 Volts it plays at normal speed. If you put in 1 Volts it plays 1 octave up. If you put in -2 Volts ip plays 2 octaves down. And of course you can go in between or connect an LFO to do crazy things.

Have fun!

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Glad you approve but it may not turn out the same as the original, so I reckon I can use VoxGlitch Glitch sequencer for the Game of Life or the Cells module, they are based on that concept, would you agree on that? Also there are a number of Matrix mixers, so in theory that should be covered. Any other modules you would recommend Omri. How did the switching work on the original?

I got the idea from your work using the Ultomaton in both hardware and VCV in 2019 on this forum. It will probably be a mass of cables so no-one can see what is going on!

Hmm, never heard of this Ultamaton. Looks very cool.

There were some modules called Qwelk which might be useful… unfortunately they seem to have been canceled almost as soon as they were released so I don’t know if they’re still working ok in latest Rack.

I would think a combination of these modules combined with thoughtful use of Nsythi Simpliciter could get you similar results.

Some really detailed videos on Simpliciter from Omri C, Artem L, and Jeremy W on YT.

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I think someone took up the Qwelk stuff and made it work, they certainly fixed the major bug.

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Well I have put the modules together, the Nysthi 8Mix [or the sounds are] is very noisy though, I have turned the levels way down now, see if that makes a difference. Would a limiter or Compression work, to alleviate this? [Yes]-Rhetorical question.

Here’s the set up, any advice on this so far, especially on switches and mutes= my weak spot.

Not set the Matrix up yet, still figuring out how make that work-different coloured cables for different modules-what’s the module called that sets the colours? I can upload the patch if anyone wants to help me.

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nice build! I just tried Ultomaton and this it sounds so clear and this is actually amazed me especially when a lots of processing was been applied after each looper. So it makes me feel that connecting VCV to Ultomaton via ASIOlinkPRO (for windows) would be better solution for achieving HQ of sound. But I love builds in VCV personally :wink: Then highly recommend you to switch your matrix switch on Bogaudio one. As far as I can remember it has anti-pop solution which is pretty suitable for audio. Regadring the mixer you can definitely try MindMeld one, should be super clean. Also regarding Bogaudio switch again I think there was some clipping options inside it or unity mixing, worth to check it out to get better audio with a lot of summing

Thank you, I have downloaded Ultomaton as well, I saw that Omri had done a Hardware and VCV Rack combo with it.

I have now swapped MindMeld 16 mixer in the patch and put Bogaudio Matrix88 in as well, still trying to figure how that works in the Original Ultomaton, does it control the ultimate mix of the sounds?

Also what does the ‘Game of Life’ control do? I’m using ‘Cells’ by 23 Volts as that section. Much appreciated. Would you care to see the patch now, I’ll put it below, it is still a work in progress:

Ultomaton sampler-Improved version.vcv (84.7 KB)

Ultomaton-Electrox sparks by Adrian Bottomley (soundcloud.com)

Here I present audio from my rendition of the Ultomaton Sampler in VCV Rack. The original voices were a bass module [Vult Basal] and a Bogaudio FMOP - not sure this sounds anything like the original Sampler. but it works and totally warps the sound.

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Omri Cohen suggests four colours as per his blank

then you get click on an output until you get the colour you want to use as they rotate (this just being the way Rack works) or you could use this…

Thanks Mark, those were the ones I was looking for, also found one from Count Modular as well, just by chance.

Game of Life refers to an emulation of Conway’s Game of Life:

Thanks, I had a vague idea of the concept but now I know more, not a bad thing! 23Volts Cells and VoxGlitch’s Glitch Seq are fine examples in VCV Rack, only just tried them out after a fine Cabotage KSM tutorial. Good to learn new things. Keeps the little grey cells active!!! as Poirot probably once said :roll_eyes:

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A new improved improved version-labelled FX Matrix and swapped Grainfx for Grains of Wraith, this has cleaned up the sound! The wiring is still messy-any switch modules ideas that would tidy up the spaghetti wiring would be much appreciated.

Ultomaton sampler-Grains of Wraith.vcv (105.6 KB)


My rack is crashing when trying to open this patch somehow

personally i dont get why people dislike the cables on vcv patches. especially when doing tutorials or sharing patches. on hardware, sure, it gets in the way but in software it just makes it harder for others to tell whats connected to what. like when a tutorial doesnt make the cables visible.

that being said… Little Utils “Telepathy” will help you tidy up.


I have no problems loading the patch here on Win10

I’ve gone too adopting a specific color scheme for my patches to make them more readable but I’m not sure it makes a huge amount of difference.