More fan on my iMac since version 1


Sorry for not being too technical. Just a simple question, if I want too reduce the fan working on my iMac (late 2015) when using VCV, does it help if I use 4 threads and check the Real Time Priority. I feel there’s more fan going on with version 1. Is there a way to reduce that somewhat!?

There’s never any fan issues when I work in daws, Reaktor or Arturia’s Easel. With plenty of stuff going on…

It’s not like I hate the fan but sometimes my fan goes on when I just open the vcv browser with nothing putted in. Seems weird.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not a developer myself but I feel like your issue has to do with graphics rather than sound.
Opening the plugin browser window means that lots of stuff needs to be rendered on screen, and this may put a heavier load on the graphics card.
Is it also possible that in general, VCV Rack demands more graphical resources compared to the applications you mentioned.

Be sure to carefully read this, and try the workarounds explained there (example: set a lower framerate) if you haven’t already:

another link - maybe more useful for non-Mac users:

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Interesting, so I need to code to decrease framerate!?

No you just have to find the settings-v1.json file on your harddisk and edit that (it’s a text file)

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Ah yes, I’ll try that tonight!

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Were is the settings.jason file? please…

it is in your Rack folder, i.e.: /Users/<your_username>/Documents/Rack/settings-v1.json

BTW, i have an iMac (Desktop) mid 2011, 2,5 GHz Intel Core i5, 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB, SSD HD and i don’t have any problem with fan :thinking:

Ah! … I have uploaded already the audios from @synthi Phoenix Synth!

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i love you bro! thanks!

You are welcome! … We are here to help each other, and this is a great community, so if I had not answered, surely someone else would have done it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::pray:

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Oh I need to check those files, if it’s alright I’ll drop them into the digitakt and mess around with it.

Maybe I have issues cause I’m on retina!?

27 inch.

Hey this is interesting. Since going to v1.0 my 3.5GHz i5 6-core 32Gb Ram MacPro is struggling. I used to be able to run VCV 0.6, OBS and Ableton all at the same time with no problems but since installing v1.0 I cannot without serious audio and full digital dropout in OBS. Never thought of the graphics as the culprit will look at that. Any other advise would be most welcome. Thanks for this going to look at that .json file.

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yeah, about to test to drop frame rate now. i also have a powerhorse iMac, my fan spins even when i open the browser and has nothing in it. I also use OBS. btw. my fan does not spin as crazy as on a macbook. I would NEVER use VCV on macbook… that’s the worst idea ever, unless you looking to cook food on the macbook.


I changed to 40 frame rate, I will sit an hour now just to see if the fan goes on… so far its quiet…

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After an hour or so still no fan going on… frame rate changed to 40. And I used lots of cpu heavy modules… so yes definitely a graphic-retina-dispay-70-frame-rate issue there. At least what I suspect.

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Happy you can finally enjoy VCV!

If needed you may try even lower framerate values - I set it at 30 and works for me.

If you hear other Mac users with the same issue please let them now and/or point them to this thread.

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yes, thank YOU!

You can totally drop the fps down to 25. Anything above that people only see in their imagination anyway.

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I don’t think that’s exactly the case.
If you think it is, please open a bug report, since the current choice of framerate impacts heavily on performances. Or please share here a link that corroborates what you say, so that someone else could report it as a bug.

Not a VCV thing, I just mean in general. Once you cross the threshold from what we perceive as a stuttering series of individual images to seamless motion (or a motion picture if you will) you don’t get, like, more perception of motion.

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I can really see the difference between 60 and 30 fps, be it gaming or videos, 60 fps really makes a difference i can assure you. Now for playing with rack, i agree, going over 25 is pointless :slight_smile: