Modules with ARM builds!

just had to restart i guess. working now! except NYSTHI. everything else in my patch is working. such a shame that nobody else makes tuner module that shows you the frequency of whatever you plug into it. my patch uses several tuner modules to keep track of everything, nobody else has one as far as i know besides NYSTHI

There is a pre-release version of the NYSTHI plugin for ARM available here.


holy shit thank you!!!

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You have a few more options actually:

I especially like the one from Chinenual.


Had to check… yeah, only shown in a browser running on a Mac. That’s incredibly silly, straight up “clippy” territory. Grr… Andrew for chrisake :weary:

Ok, I got tired of this - so here’s the list of the 25 plugins for Rack2, that are in the library, and are NOT available for ARM/Apple Silicon in the library:

Open source:

Causal Systems
Coirt / Bark
Digital Apothecary
Fehler Fabrik
Frequency Domain

Closed source:

AS Drums n Filters
AS Seqs n Tools
Autodafe - DrumKit
Autodafe - REDs
BB Modules
Crystal Palace
DrumKit Pro
Erogenous Tones Free
Loopus Modules
Oxidlab Entferner Free Modules
Oxidlab Entferner Modules
Synthetic FX

I’m keeping the list updated on a regular basis.

Note that some of these might have ARM builds outside the library, in nightlies etc. Feel free to post links to these underneath. Also feel free to write when a plugin from this list becomes available for ARM in the library, then I’ll update this post and take it off the list.

To reproduce/update this list for yourself you can do the following - In the terminal on Mac or Linux, or on Windows in MSYS2 (or WSL, …) run this command:

curl '' | \
grep -F 'Not available for macOS ARM64' | \
grep -o '<strong\>.*</strong\>' | \
sed -e 's/<strong>//g' -e 's/<\/strong//g' -e 's/&amp;/\&/g' | \
sort -f > no-arm.txt

Now you have the list in the file “no-arm.txt”.

List of plugins where the developer has said they will add ARM support as soon as they get time for it:

  • Instruo

This one is in the works. Dev is busy with it.

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I know Nysthi is available for Arm.

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Not in the library. But I’ve added the pre-release to a list in my post.


thank you for pointing these out! i had seen the ones that show note, but not the alikins which shows frequency that i need, terrific!

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Thanks Lars - that is a fantastic resource!

Before I discovered the joys of VCV, I was a Windows batch scripting wonk. One of the batch tools I created was JREPL.BAT - a hybrid javascript / batch script. The thing is a beast, with loads of options and built in help. It sort of combines the capabilities of grep and sed into one tool. It is pure script that relies on standard built in Windows utilities. The JREPL.BAT script is available at

Assuming you have the JREPL.BAT in a directory included within the PATH environment variable, then the following one-liner will produce the no-arm.txt

curl "" 2>nul | jrepl ".*<strong>(.*)</strong>.*Not available for macOS ARM64.*" "$1" /a | sort >no-arm.txt

Strip off >no-arm.txt from the end if you simply want to print the list to the screen.

Of course, JREPL.BAT only works on a Windows machine.

Why would a Windows user care about plugins without ARM support you ask? - because I have VCV installed on both a Windows desktop for use at home, and an M1 MacBook Air for the stage.

But I suppose JREPL.BAT would not be of any use to most Mac users.

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Oh ha the old surge isn’t arm? I should take a peek at that one day (obviously low priority though)


Impressive! Beautifully showcases your slightly obsessive/compulsive nature, in the best possible way of course :slight_smile:

Impressive if that produces the same result on Windows, haven’t tried yet…

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how to proceed after the download ?

You download NYSTHI-2.4.0-mac-arm64.vcvplugin and put it in your Documents/Rack2/plugins-mac-arm64/ directory and re-start Rack.


does the specific value module work for you? when i insert a 500hz square wave it flickers between 8000hz and 8.123213hz, i plug the same osc into NYSHI hot tuna and it reads 500hz

That’s because Alkins Specific Value is designed to read V/oct and not the frequency of a wave the way a tuner does.

You can try this one:


Noumental-B is now in library including arm64 build


The old surge is now built for ARM too


Still keeping the list above updated. Down to 27 plugins now :slight_smile: