Module CV-MAP for CV-controlling any knob, slider or switch

Hi all,
I’m new here and I’ve been using Rack just for a few weeks, but I’m very impressed with the wide variety of available modules, especially loving the geodesics modules :slight_smile:
Having near zero experience in dsp development I never thought I would do a own module, but being a quite skilled C# programmer, here is a first glimpse!
It is hugely based on Mr. Belts recently added module MIDI-MAP in Rack v1, I just exchanged the MIDI CC input by 16 CV inputs using one poly-cable. There are many nice sequencer modules out there, but only very few allow modulating single steps by CV, so I created this module for my own usage…

So, what do you think?



Only problem I see is that the Fundamental panel license does not allow derivative works. See the file in the repository.

Ok no problem, I‘ll replace the panel before releasing anything. Thanks for the advice!

Sorry, but modulating the Seq knobs is a derivative work?
This is a joke?
The modulation of sequencer steps could be done in Numerology more that ten years btw.

Ok, I see the panel design is the problem?
But its a real useful idea and module, just make it yellow and its ok?

It’s because ey changed the branding label at the bottom. By CC standards that makes the panel “derivative.”

If @stoermelder wants it, here’s a faceplate patterned from David’s CC-SA template instead (some resizing may be required):

ben2012_cvmap-cooked-fs8 (3.5 KB)

Suggest a name change “PARAM-O-MATOR”

What about VC-PA?

I think CV-MAP is pretty self explanatory, when aside of MIDI-MAP, what you guys don’t like about it ?

you are right, who cares the name, its just a real great module!

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Oh yes, It will be so useful !

Thanks, Looks like a nice template :+1:

Some updates:

  • Designed by own front panel
  • Added unipolar and bipolar signal mode on context menu
  • Increased the mapable parameter count to 32
  • Added parameter numbering on display

I also created a second module CV-PAM that does kind of the opposite: You can bind to any parameter and get CV for its movement. Using CV-MAP and CV-PAM togehter you will be able to sync knob changes of two (or more) modules :astonished:


This still happening?


Sure. I will publish my Github-repo the next few days and submit a request for the plugin manager.

Nice will be much used! Could you post the and I’ll watch out for it.

Finally I managed to update my code to the final v1 API and revised my panel design. Feel free to test the modules!


Looking good! Builds fine on windows.

Horizontal sliders don’t change values. Vertical work.

There is one thing that may be out of your control to implement. Knowing which knob sets and which one gets values is a little hard to decipher, the getter doesn’t move but until you make that mistake there is no way of knowing. If possible, a different coloured midi indicator (purple dot) maybe green for the setter, getter unchanged.

Another thing is by looking at the display the module name blocks the mapped control, perhaps a scroll at the top would help with identifying that control.

Which vertical sliders did you test? I’ll check then…

You’re right on the mapping indicator, I can’t do anything about its color. It is hardcoded in Rack (see, so maybe @Vortico can do something about that at some point.

Can you make a screenshot for the scrolling-issue?