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I have played a bit with Xjadeo on windows. I can select a frame from a video using CV. That’s neat - but so far, I have no luck doing smooth playback and other advanced functionality.

I run it from a windows commandline, as you can see in the screenshot “xjadeo -O portnumber” - portnumber is the port i want OSC to listen on. I right click the xjadeo window to load a video, and note the length in frames. In cvOSCcv, I check convert. 0-10 for the input. for the OSC out: Min value is 1, (first frame). max value is the number of frames minus 1.

Not much of a “movie player in Rack” - but maybe a path to follow.

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That is super cool @Jens.Peter.Nielsen! I guess it will be a while for vid player in Rack as it already chews up the CPU. Also, given the plugin versions of Rack, I imagine that not many people are interesting in film scoring in the standalone version. I love getting away from traditional DAW’s, so this is a super fun type of workflow experiment.

In your experiments, you might want to increase the channel sensitivity preset of cvOSCcv to pick up and send even smaller changes than the default.

do this by right clicking the module - go to preset and copy.

open an editor - notepad is fine, and find the lines that configure the input channel you want to change (here, input channel 1)

change “channelSensitivity”: to something smaller. I used 0.000000001

select all and copy - and go back to VCV. Paste the chaged preset to cvOSCcv, suing paste in the right-click menu.

A numerical change between two updates, greater than the channelsensitivity (now very small), will result in an osc send of the converted value.

this example of a 615 frame clip: 10V / 615 = 0.01626 V per frame.

I can use this setting to step up one frame at a time, using Stoermelder PILE. it stops at the last frame. I didn’t need it to loop, but you can use a comparator to reset PILE at 10V.

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Hi Everyone! Here is some more experimenting with film scoring with VCV Rack. Having lots of fun with public domain Noir films. This one is using edits from the 1946 film, The Stranger, directed by Orson Welles.


Happy new year, I hope the new year brings lots of creativity to everyone! Here is a new piece mixing chill beats with classical Indian vocal samples and Italian influenced guitar.


Hey Folks! This piece is a continuation of film my scoring experiments with VCV Rack. This I went with some B-grade Sci-Fi. Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, here is a new semi generative piece using VCV Rack. This piece has a lot of post production work in Logic X. More and more I am using patches to generate volumes of different textures for further manipulation in either other Rack patches and/or in Logic. I still love the craft of creating a self contained stand alone patch but I seem to be drawn to messier processes, not unlike the way I would approach the creation of a painting.