Matthew Paine Music

Hi Folks, Here you’ll find my VCV Rack Music.

I’ll kick it off with this Ambient Lofi Glitch generative patch. I’ve learnt so much since building this patch but I’m still proud of it.



Très beau travail, Matthew :gem::slightly_smiling_face:

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Very nice!

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nice and chill

I wish I could reach same amount of module before glitchy sound appears :stuck_out_tongue:

bien construit !

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Cheers Marc!

Thanks for listening, appreciate it :sunny:

Cheers @spontex.merlin. I think I was on the edge of my module count :sweat_smile:

Ambient Trip Glitch Hop Jams - Generative patch with Jazzy keys Improv. Thanks to Squinky Labs Basic VCO for saving my CPU! Hope you’re all well 🙂

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(let me make some remarks: the electric piano may be too loud, not bright enough (too much bass) compared to the vcv modules. I will add a slight reverb to it :peace_symbol:)

The performance is very pleasant for me :slightly_smiling_face:. Bravo Matthew