Marc Boulé's Impromptu music thread

A minimalist, Reich-inspired, three-voice exercise for VCV Rack, based on a melody from the piece called Pratyahara by Chris Otchy.

Adaptation of the piece called Binary, by Archivist.

A humble cover of the track called Border by Galcid.


Argmin is just wonderful Marc, really great sequencing, love it!

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Love the tunes Marc!

Great to hear something coming from you :+1:t3::vulcan_salute:t3:

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Well done, Marc!

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Thanks guys!

The last one is really amazing! I didn’t know about galcid, amazing artist. And the cover works really well, especially with the detuning = very nice!

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Thanks! That 14-note sequence is really wonderful, glad you checked out her music!

Très bien comme musique séquentielle…inspirant…

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Très beau travail :slightly_smiling_face: Que du bon…

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Revisiting a classic in VCV Rack: In a Landscape, by John Cage.


On dirait du Ravel quand même… Entre nous (ha, ha, ha), Marc, tu as injecté du midi dans le Foundry. Sinon chapeau pour la programmation. En tout cas, une très belle revisite :slightly_smiling_face:

Merci Marc! Pas de midi, hélas, j’ai tout rentré à la main :grimacing::smile:

Ça mérite une double sauvergarde…

Oui! Surtout que j’ai pas implanté de “undo” dans Foundry…

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Oohh, that’s nice Marc! Wonderful piece.

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Thanks Lars! I tried to follow the “do no harm” mantra… what can one really add to such a nice composition :slight_smile:

Arvo Part’s Fur Alina, but with a twist near the end :slight_smile: For those wondering what a Steinway sounds like through a grunge pedal, this might not be too far off!


Fanboy tribute to Caterina Barbieri’s beautiful music. For the minimalists at heart :slight_smile:


Cool version :slight_smile:

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YES!! One of my favorite pieces of music in later years, so good. This is a really cool patch and great sequencing Marc, wonderful version from you, lots of creative stuff going on there, really well done, love it!