Marc Boulé's Impromptu music thread

Thanks Lars! It took a while to put together and practise it before getting it right, but her music is so inspriring, it was a labour of love :slight_smile:


Took a small coding break from the upcoming MindMeld _____Master, and cooked this up. It’s called the Gauss Piano. Hope you like it!


Beautiful, @marc_boule. I imagine that your fingers were quite tired by the end! :wink:


Yes, and you should see the sheet music! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Parfaite maîtrise musicale des séquenceurs, Marc :slightly_smiling_face:

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My Gauss Piano piece is up for nomination in this year’s Pianoteq contest! :slight_smile: If you like the piece and want to support a fellow Rackhead and make some noise for VCV Rack, I’d appreciate a vote (no login required). Of the 70 videos that were submitted in the contest, it was the only one featuring Rack. Cheers!

Update: finsihed in 8th place in the 12 finalists. Thanks to those who took the time to vote :slight_smile:


Done! And this deserves a post of its own :slight_smile:

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J’aurai bien triché pour augmenter les votes… mais je ne suis pas comme ça :blush: Très belle compo, Marc.

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Merci @Marc_Brafman and @Eurikon :slight_smile:

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Very nice!

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I voted for you too :+1:

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That’s a very interesting technique. Of the pieces I listened too, yours was my favorite!

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By the way, I very much like the technique you used in that piece – taking draws from a normal distribution a putting them through a polyphonic quantizer. I’ll have to play with that, as it seems like it could be powerful.

Thanks! It’s a fun trick, with potentiel for other variations. I also thought of two moving Gaussians that alternate their notes to create some interleaving movement, but haven’t tried it yet.

I honestly think yours is the best and most interesting piece of the 12 Marc - fingers crossed for the win!

Thanks Steve! :crossed_fingers: I feared it might be too slow to pick up, a classic case of it sounding good to the performer who is into it, and not so much so for those listening to it, but I’m happy to see you found it interesting!

I listened to a lot of these (I was going to vote for you anyway) and to be honest yours was the best. I think your piece deserves to win :slight_smile:

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Wow, thanks! It’s an ecclectic set for sure, with one tutorial also in there (which was allowed in the participation rules), but hopefully my piece is not too “outside” for the Pianoteq community. It’s so nice to see some of the VCV Rack community get behind this though :slight_smile:

one more vote for the win :slight_smile: very nice piece of music, so simple and yet gets so…deep.

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Kind of off-topic I suppose, but I had never heard of Pianoteq.

That’s an impressive piece of technology! The creator must have found a sweet mix of physical modeling and heuristic approximation, as it seems both performant and good-sounding.