Looking for a buffer looper

Is there a module that can hold a constant buffer of arbitrary size and upon triggering loop this buffer?
I imagine there’s a nysthi for that but I havent discovered it yet :sweat_smile:

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Buffer sampler from aP modules is great, but won’t fit the triggering wish… The one from cf maybe…

tried buffer from cf but cant figure out how it works or even what its supposed to do. the readme for cf modules doesnt contain any mention of it either :confused:

Both Complex Simpler and Confusing Simpler from Nysthi can record audio, with manual or CV trigger, and play it back - looped or one shot, plus lots of other options. And the audio is persistent - when you save the patch, it saves the audio as well.

But the recording has to be triggered and keeps recording until stopped, what I’m looking for is a streaming buffer, that has a configurable size so when looping starts at any point, it will always ‘jump back’ to x amount of time before the trigger is received.

If you have Host plugin for VST, then take a look at this plugin.
Here is a demo I did not so long ago:

Hmm from the video I cant make out if its possible to predefine buffer lenght. I emailed the developer for a download to try it out.

I think with buffer length, you are referring to grain size.
The following can be manipulated in real time:
grain size, playback position, playback speed and playback direction

hmm. No I do mean the buffer lenght. Like in some screen recording software there’s a buffer that constantly records, but only keeps the most recent 10 seconds, so when you just missed a great moment, you can still press record and it saves those last 10 seconds. The idea for live music is to jam and then loop a good sounding part after it’s already happened.

4drx looprecorder VST is an example that does this but its not free.

A fixed recording loop length. You could do this with Nysthi, Complex or Confusing Simpler. While triggering from a sequencer like Impromptu Modular Phrase Seq.
Like I’ve done in this example:

But I’m not sure if that is what you are after.

Still not what I’m looking for, its good for loops that start on a bar but the moment its at the end the buffer gets overwritten from the start. What i need is a buffer that keeps filling at the end and discard after it reaches the beginning (if that makes sense) so at any moment it can loop whatever is in the buffer at that moment and the end of the buffer is always on the moment the looping is triggered. If it doesnt exist yet I’ll attempt to code a module because it seems really useful to me.

check out luppolo from sonus & buffer sampler from aP.

luppollo is pretty simple and should do the trick with an external trigger (buffer length set by trigger interval) if I’m understanding what you’re after.

buffer sampler has a few more features (width, eoc, start point)

also check canard from bidoo

I understand, you want to trigger the loop at the end and play what was recorded before the trigger, the exact opposite of what simpler and luppolo do. There’s gotta be a VST for that, otherwise yeah, you’d have to code it yourself.

yes somebody who understands :slight_smile:

Thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve seen a system that does it the way you want. I’ve done live looping with the guitar and everything I’ve seen is trigger-record, trigger again-loop. I used to have an old Roland sampler that could record its buffer, but it didn’t do live loops.

maybe I still don’t understand, you’d need two buffers for this right, one to record while the other is playing?

like two luppollos with rec/play receiving same trigger, NOT on one input so their states are inverse, then a 2step seq switch receiving same trigger to flip the outputs. so each trigger would swap play/rec buffers and playback the previous buffer.

This is exactly how I constructed it today, yet the limitation was again that the starting point is locked to a set interval and triggers have to be held until the next bar before launching the loop to keep the lenght right.