"Buffer looper" or is there a better way to achieve?

I want to be able to capture and re-use wiggling that is done by random generators during a performance. It seems my requirements are very similar to this thread but there was not a solution at least at that time…

HOWEVER, with some research I came across this…

…which seems like it might work with some external math from other modules which is fine.

Strangely, though, this module appears to be halving the voltage. Is there a module for multiplying voltage? Is there a better/smarter way for me to be able “record” wiggling?

Use a unity mixer with two or more inputs connected to the same output.

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Thanks, Ben.

What do you mean by „wiggling“? Did you try my ReMOVE module?


Have a look at Racket Science Vector Victor, it’s super simple with no bells or whistles but might do what you want. If you can build from source grab the RS repo and have a look at Phase IV, it’s no where near finished but I use it successfully to record & loop data from X/Y pads.

Edit: Also check out pdArray.

Ben’s ReMOVE sounds like exactly what you are looking for to me.

If you are looking for arbitrary CV looping there is Racket Science Vector Victor. It needs phase clock like ZZC Clock

If you want to loop arbitrary sample then there are Sonus Dept.


Sorry for the late reply. I am thoroughly evaluating your module. I thought I’d be able to evaluate it more quickly but I’m very new to all this so it’s taking me forever but I feel like it just might do the trick.

Yeah I think it’s going to work. Thanks for pointing it out (and, of course making it). It’s a great module. Here’s some goofing around I did:

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