Lindenberg Research Announcements Thread

SANGSTER!!! I was looking everywhere for this delay about a month ago. I couldn’t remember the name or who it was made by. All I could remember is that it had a lion picture on it. Glad to see these modules are coming back!!!


It’s awesome. Modulating time by small amounts is awesome.


Yes! Sangster has such a great character!

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Okay, so all issues have been fixed and it is running stable :wink:

I’m going to do some excessive testing tomorrow, supported by a very dangerous amount of Italian espresso, to get sure the next beta won’t crash… (or Whisky if it goes horribly wrong…)

Sorry for the delay and the amount of Betas, I am alone and just testing and developing a small amount of time… so please be patient, it will definitely be released, but first it must run stable and look great :smiley:

More on this tomorrow, stay tuned!


No need to apologize! Bug-hunting can be a PITA—thank you for following through!


Hi all,

let’s go for a new Beta 5.2 :



It fixes all reported issues and was tested for stability and stable rendering. I really hope it works now and passes user tests :slight_smile:

I hope you’re all well and Thanks for testing!

Cheers Patrick


Initial testing looks very promising!

No issues adding all modules, closing then opening again in Standalone.

Same in the VST (Mac, Bitwig) for the most part… The first time I added all the modules, then closed the Rack window, then opened it again, I did get a graphical glitch on some modules (see grab) but I have been unable to repeat this since. After closing the window that had the glitches and opening it again, it opened fine and has now been through many close/open without issue.

Deleting the Rack instance and then undoing also fine. I’ve not experienced any crashes with this new version - just that one-off graphical glitch.

Edit: I should add that I originally placed these modules in the VST instance using the previous version - so perhaps that may have had something to do with that one-off glitch.


Hi Patrick,

Thank you about 2.0-beta5.2, but I report the same GUI issues… OS is Windows 10 Pro (22H2, x64), I have exactly the same issue than Steve (and Rodney) have reported about 2.0-beta5.2.

Either from Bitwig Studio v4.4.6 and REAPER v6.71.

VCV Rack 2 Pro v2.2.1 preview (as VST 2.4 plugin).

This issue appears as soon as I close then I reopen VCV Rack window. Affected: all modules have “wood” texture (I’ve noticed this fact) + Neo. No crash. Doesn’t occur by using Rack as standalone app, and if I delete the VCV Rack instance then create new one.

YT Video (not referenced) HERE

Cheers. Dominique.

Thankyou for Beta 5.2. On Windows I too can still see the graphical glitches but so far only with Neo and Preheater. I see it after closing and reopening the plugin window multiple times.

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Oh man, I hate it… :frowning:

Can anyone confirm this on Mac? I tested a lot with no problems at all :-/ Even on Windows 10.

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I’m on Mac Intel.

On the plus side there are no longer any crashes so things definitely moving in the right direction!

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As indicated above, my rig is Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (22H2).

Behaviors seem identical than OSX.

Don’t hesitate if I can help for additional tests!

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I tested on both a fast Win10 computer and an old Intel Macbook Pro and did not experience glitches.

Also of note, all the previous issues using the modules when running as vst have been fixed :slight_smile:


I decided to test in Bitwig because that DAW and Rack never seem to play nice together. I experienced the same visual issues others experienced. All I had to do to fix was to close and reopen the plugin instance. Didn’t have to reload the project.

I don’t know how this could be helpful, but I used to have the same visual issue when I loaded a custom bmp into Computerscare Blank. Only happened when opening a project and only happened randomly.

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This graphic issue comes also from REAPER.

I did just test the VSTi with the latest preview build of VCV in Reaper and cannot recreate the graphical issues. There is a very slight delay when loading the graphics but under .5/second. Nothing crashes though :grinning:

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Not solved for me (via 2.2.2 preview, VST2).

Weird. I’ve got a pretty beefy machine that I’m using. I wonder if that’s why I can’t recreate the issue.

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It has already been fixed. Beta 5.3 on Thu/Fri :slight_smile:


Hi Patrick, it’s an excellent news. Now waiting for a link :wink: (not urgent). Thanks a lot!

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