Lindenberg Research Announcements Thread

Hi all,

just wanted to create a thread for providing information about upcoming modules and ideas I am working on, mostly dedicated to people without facebook access. I will also try to be more active here in the community in the future.

I very welcome constructive critics and thoughts relating improvements! :smiley:

Planned for v1.2.0 (coming around the end of this month):

  • Full polyphony support for Sangster, Woldemar and Neo (others will follow)
  • New designed knobs (just for Neo so far)
  • New module: VC Signal Spread (Creates 4-16 shifted signals for various use cases // a design mockup will follow)

Beta testers are welcome, just PM me. Thanks for your support!

Cheers, Patrick


Coming in v1.3.0 (Sorry, in the last post I announced v1.2.0 - that was wrong):

Release date will be around next week till end of the month!