Lindenberg Research Announcements Thread

Hi all,

just wanted to create a thread for providing information about upcoming modules and ideas I am working on, mostly dedicated to people without facebook access. I will also try to be more active here in the community in the future.

I very welcome constructive critics and thoughts relating improvements! :smiley:

Planned for v1.2.0 (coming around the end of this month):

  • Full polyphony support for Sangster, Woldemar and Neo (others will follow)
  • New designed knobs (just for Neo so far)
  • New module: VC Signal Spread (Creates 4-16 shifted signals for various use cases // a design mockup will follow)

Beta testers are welcome, just PM me. Thanks for your support!

Cheers, Patrick


Coming in v1.3.0 (Sorry, in the last post I announced v1.2.0 - that was wrong):

Release date will be around next week till end of the month!


Version v1.3.0 out now :slight_smile: I already got some bugs reported which will be corrected soon in v.1.3.1 around next week, thanks for reporting!

Cheers, Patrick.


Awesome! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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It’s near Christmas and I am totally aware of the fact, that we all need our hard earned money to serve the people around us we love… Despite you may think of the programmer who spend lot’s of hours creating free software you may like and often use with fun and donate just a few bugs to say thanks :sunglasses:

Thanks for supporting!