Lindenberg Research Announcements Thread

Hi all,

just wanted to create a thread for providing information about upcoming modules and ideas I am working on, mostly dedicated to people without facebook access. I will also try to be more active here in the community in the future.

I very welcome constructive critics and thoughts relating improvements! :smiley:

Planned for v1.2.0 (coming around the end of this month):

  • Full polyphony support for Sangster, Woldemar and Neo (others will follow)
  • New designed knobs (just for Neo so far)
  • New module: VC Signal Spread (Creates 4-16 shifted signals for various use cases // a design mockup will follow)

Beta testers are welcome, just PM me. Thanks for your support!

Cheers, Patrick


Coming in v1.3.0 (Sorry, in the last post I announced v1.2.0 - that was wrong):

Release date will be around next week till end of the month!


Version v1.3.0 out now :slight_smile: I already got some bugs reported which will be corrected soon in v.1.3.1 around next week, thanks for reporting!

Cheers, Patrick.


Awesome! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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It’s near Christmas and I am totally aware of the fact, that we all need our hard earned money to serve the people around us we love… Despite you may think of the programmer who spend lot’s of hours creating free software you may like and often use with fun and donate just a few bugs to say thanks :sunglasses:

Thanks for supporting!


Version 1.3.3 coming this week containing the following improvements and new features:

  • Way faster graphics due bitmap caching: Complex graphics now handled internally as cached bitmaps, to avoid redrawing thousands of objects all the time. This results in noticeable faster redrawing while keeping high-resolution quality even on 400% zoom.
  • New module: NO!ZER, a rather small tool for creating and manipulating random voltages.
  • Additional menu entries for handling the global design. (Make all modules unique, Randomise all etc.)
  • Updates graphics: More detailed knobs, patina and other small improvements.
  • Various bug-fixes and small updates

It’s currently in beta test and will be available around end of the week.

Cheers, Patrick.


Noizer is awesom! Thank you :slight_smile:


Migration to V2 and refreshment of Lindenberg Research modules are nearly done. I expect the official release around 1st/2nd week of Dec.

Here some first impressions:

Thanks so far to my brave testers! Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Like my modules? Support me by a small donation that I can keep my caffeine level!


Just came here searching to see if Lindenberg was being ported to v2. So glad to see this!

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Thanks a lot for your donation! :metal:t2::grinning:

These modules will be available through the default Rack Library, won’t they? Any expected release date for V2 versions?

Yes they will be available via the VCV Plugin-Manager. I am still updating and testing, so It could take 2-3 weeks, I am not sure.

Well I am still thinking about a commercial release; it grew over the years and after more than 2300 commits and a lot of hours of work it will be just fair to the developer. We will see :slight_smile:



will be happy to support a commercial release. looking forward to the modules and wood panels!


Or you could abandon VCV development. That’s what I did, and have not regretted it yet.

@Squinky I’m glad it’s worked out for you.

@heapdump we appreciate all your hard work and I’m sure people won’t mind paying for commercial modules!



I do not agree fully when it comes to a larger collection of modules. I love the MS20-style filter and the CV-Spreader, but I rarely use the VCOs. I would recommend to split the collection into two or three parts (VCOs / Filter / Utility for example). That way yes, I wouldn’t mind paying for them.

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@mosphaere That might be the case.

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Lindenberg modules are certainly worthy of being commercial and I would happily pay for them. They are some of the best modules in Rack.

The only slightly tricky issue I see with it is when you take modules that used to be free and make them commercial then it prevents users opening older patches that used those modules (in v2 at least) unless they pay.


maybe doing it the vult way by offering a free version (i.e. what was there before for backward compatibility) and a commercial one with more options and additional modules?