Lyra-8 Patch - Missing Modules

I’m trying to load this Lyra-8 clone patch: I built LYRA 8 synth by SOMA lab in VCV RACK with FREE modules - YouTube

But these modules are missing and are not in the library anymore (or at least I can’t find them):

Lindenberg Research - Sangster (an analogue style BBD delay)

23 Volts - Merge4

23 Volts - Split4

23 Volts - Split8

Any ideas where I can still get them?

If there is no way of getting them, can anyone recommend replacements?

Is there a way to see where the modules should be in the patch and what they should be connected to?

I’m totally new to VCV and only got it for this Lyra-8 patch.


The VCV2 Sangster isn’t in the library (yet), but you can grab it here (or scroll down a bit, there’s an updated version). To substitute the 23Volts, I’d pick the Grande collection for it’s small footprint. VCV’s own split/merge modules will work the same.

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If you really need 23Volts (because it can be tricky to figure out what was connected to what) you can find it in this thread: Will 23Volts be updated to v2? - #39 by Steve_Russell


Thank you. Sangster says it is an outdated beta and won’t load. Is there any way to force it to load?

no, you need to wait untill a new beta comes or the final release

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I can’t get this to work. I have it set up with TouchOSC on my iPad. All controls are working. I can see from the Audio8 module that audio is being generated internally and I have all of the audio modules set to my laptop soundcard, but no sound is being output at all. Is it because of the missing Sangster module? Could anyone take a look and help?

maybe Artem @VCVRackIdeas can help you

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Thanks @rsmus7, I have messaged him via patreon, but didn’t know he was on this forum too :+1: