LabSeven VCO-3340 available now! (v!)

The first LabSeven module, representing the VCO of a well-known 80s synthesizer (with a few extensions), is now available via the plugin manager. It comes with the standard blue and a classic gray skin. Enjoy!

P.S.: If you like it and want me to keep on creating VCV Rack modules (apart from completing the 3340 series I already have plans for some unusual but I think very useful stuff), please consider a donation. Any amount is welcome :slight_smile:



I may be showing terrible ignorance here, but I’m dying to know where the “3340” comes from.

It is a tribute to a VCO chip widely used in hardware synths :slight_smile:

I remember now.
Anyway, lovely oscillator. I’ve been playing with it all evening, looking for the perfect filter to pair it with.

Lindenberg Laika is always my first choice.

is it the VCO-101 or is another one?


A filter that goes very well this VCO is based on the IR3109 which I think uses LM13700s.
That would be another module needed in order to complete the 3340 series.

I decided to better not call it VCO-101 any more for obvious reasons. But yes, that’s the one!


It sounds like a gnarly beast if you pair it with Lindenberg’s Valerie filter (basically the Korg 35 filter made into a module)

I’ve been having a blast while playing with this for the last few hours. Using the noise as a modulator to the pitch generates some really cool and unpredictable glitchy sounds.

This is certainly the truth. In fact, anyone not familiar with the Lindenberg modules is doing themselves a disservice. Except…Westcoast often causes me trouble. I like the sound it makes but it often causes VCV to cut out it’s sound entirely until I reload. This makes it an unacceptable risk during streams so I don’t use it.
Also, they look cool.

Just used the VCO-3340 for the first time in the studio, listening with (relatively) big Adam speakers. The ‘classic’ sound is definitely there but, using the modulation and RANGE/SEL inputs, it does not take long until you end up with some really f***** up s*** :wink:

Pro tip: Use the VCO-3340 at sample rates of 96kHz or higher in order to release its full potential (modulation frequency range etc.) :slight_smile:

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Just fixed a minor bug. Update with bug fix + tidier code + minor performance improvements coming soon!


Possible silly question - how do i access the grey skin?

EDIT - answered by own question. Obviously haven’t felt the need to be in users/xx/rack/plugins for a while…
Simply copy the LabSeven_3340_VCO.svg from the LabSeven_3340_Classic_Skins folder to the res folder above.

Version 0.6.2, correcting a small tuning error, is on github.

Hi! Any chance for a 1.0 version? thanks

I’m not 100% sure but the vco in Valley Interzone looks fairly similar to vco-3340.

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even better


Hi! I am very busy at the moment - I’ll port VCO3340 as soon as I have time.