Jim Frye - Ambient

(Lars Bjerregaard) #43

Nice patch Jim! Pleasing sounds and rhythms and quite interesting sonic artifacts falling out from the modulations. Well done. My only feedback would be my standard one: It would be really nice with the cable opacity dialed to the max. for whole/part of the video, so that it’s easy to follow the cables and patching.

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(Lars Bjerregaard) #44

Nice modification of the patch Joe, I like it! Has an ENO-esque quality to it. Nice!

For these kind of “inspired by” patches it might be a good idea for next time, to post them as a “linked post”. Then people can easily jump over to it and listen, and you also keep Jim’s topic tidy for his own music. Just a suggestion.

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(Jim Frye) #45

Hey thanks @LarsBjerregaard Here’s a pic. I will try to add it to patchstorage soon. :slight_smile:

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(Jim Frye) #46

Here it is. :sunglasses:

clouds-04.vcv (36.8 KB)

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(Jim Frye) #47

I’ve made a new thing, called it Starbase Evolution 04. It’s for the VCP27 which is for the ML Evolution module. I had never used it before, but I now LOVE this module. I set out to use the module to create an eight note melody which is held in place at the very beginning. Then I allow it to alter one or two random notes in the sequence. All random but at the same time very structured! As usual feedback is encouraged. I want to improve.

(Adi Quinn) #48

That’s really well done Jim, the sequence and sounds are lovely and this bass really brings it home for me.

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(Jim Frye) #49

Thank you Adi.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #50

It definately works Jim, very nice tune! I have resigned to the fact, that my favorite kind of sequence is often a fixed sequence, slowly permutated by injecting semi-random notes. Keeps it alive and moving and just sounds great.

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(Jim Frye) #51

Thanks Lars! :sunglasses:

(Jean-Sébastien Monzani) #52

Thanks for bringing ML Evolution into the spotlight! Quite enjoyed it as well, I gave it a try yesterday.
Nice sequence in your music too! Like when I was tweaking mine yesterday, I think that a little delay randomness on the gate and on the plucking sound texture could give it a more “human” feeling. I’ve got to explore that!

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(Jim Frye) #53

Here’s my latest creation. It’s an ambient that uses the krell patch as described by Omri for the twin horns voice. The bass is conceived from Caudal slowed down, reduced to around .7v, quantized and sent to a module that creates a trigger with voltage change. I added PLUK and used the last channel of the Rampage to fade between the guitar or horns voices. I recorded it using Nsythi’s recorder and OBS studio. The wav is perfect, but the video is distorted. I will make another post about that. Sorry for my lack of posting, not too much time. Edit, I forgot to mention it’s completely generative. :sunglasses:

(jaynothin) #54

Awesome, amazing, beautiful, pure, <== in any order, and more… :heart_eyes:

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(Jim Frye) #55

Thank you Jay! :sunglasses::beers:

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(Jim Frye) #56

Sorry I haven’t been on here much, way behind on my listening. I did get some time to create a little. Here’s my latest effort, for the “Hey Guys” Omri Cohen thing, if it’s a thing, or not. Anyway, quite enjoyed the result. Feedback welcome. :sunglasses:

Tribute to Omri, I took the Hey Guys wav file, slowed it, recorded in PaulXstretch and slowed it more, then high pass tangents to brighten it up. The deep repetitive pattern became the backbone of the piece. I added an out of sync large bell. I used the Evolution modules for evolving lead and bass notes. The bass is using CornrowsX in WTFM mode with Caudal modulating.

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(Jim Frye) #57

Pretty small patch. :smiley:D

(Dave Phillips) #58

Love that big sound, Jim ! :slight_smile:

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(Jim Frye) #59

Thank you Dave!

(Jim Frye) #60

I finally got a little Rack time. I created this slow simple melody with a heavy bass and Evolution based lead. Some alien voices around. Ended up calling it Alienation. It was my first attempt at real drums. I hope you guys like it.

(Jim Frye) #61

It was late when I posted this. I forgot to mention it is completely generative. Here is a screencap of the patch, and the patch itself.

friday-06.vcv (72.1 KB)

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(Jim Frye) #62

Hi guys. One of the first things I put on soundcloud was a corny cover of Cannon in D… I was just learning Rack and well it was pretty bad. lol I just gave it another look and made a lot of changes. The interesting part in this patch is the lead. The ML Evoluton module generates a series of 16 notes, they are played by one CornrowsX and also clocked through a 16 step shift register and sent to a second CornrowsX. The original sequence has a few random notes changed and repeats. Boring explanation but amazing results. I hope you like it.