Jim Frye - Ambient

(Dave Phillips) #21

Ha, I just realized I’d missed all the stuff before Ghost Is The Machine, looks like I have a lot more listening to do. :slight_smile:

(Jim Frye) #22

Wanted to do something different, turned out pretty interesting. Stereo Rings pinged by dual bleep blop generators creates a diverse soundscape. It’ was a fun experiment with unexpected results. I forgot to turn the wires on at the end.

(Adi Quinn) #23

Very nice Jim!

(Jim Frye) #24

Here’s a new one. I called it Weightless. It’s slow and simple. Let me know what you think.

(Adi Quinn) #25

well done Jim, & love these flourishes of melody that come in and fade out!

(Lars Bjerregaard) #26

Very nice Jim. Has a kind of Japanese vibe to it. Great sounds!

(Jim Frye) #27

Thanks guys!

(Jim Frye) #28

Hi Adi, thanks for the compliment. It’s really easy to create that sound. I will make a new post showing how I did it.

(Jim Frye) #29

I made this slow relaxing ambient called Stratosphere. I hope you like it. Feedback is encouraged. :slight_smile:

(Lars Bjerregaard) #30

Yay, LFO music. Nice patch Jim! Great sounds.

(Jim Frye) #31

Thanks Lars!

(Adi Quinn) #32

Loving this bass Jim, really lovely vibes on this one. I’m curious what this gray module is that is receiving the lfo>comparator>divider…

(Jim Frye) #33

Hi Adi, Thanks, I tried to do a less is more kinda thing on this one. Minimalist sounding? The module is a PvC SlimSeq 16 step sequencer. Pretty handy little thing. :slight_smile:

(Jim Frye) #36

I had an idea to create melody from the notes in a chord delivered by Progress sequencer. At the same time I was experimenting with some cool drums. I made this.

Almost immediately someone on the internet gave it a thumbs down. :frowning: I asked some friends for their honest opinion and made the following.

After receiving more feedback I made this. I think I like it the best.

(Adi Quinn) #37

Hey Jim, i saw that thumbs down the other day & was kind of taken back, b/c actually really liked the 1st one, all the elements were really nice together, but you know all the big youtubers get thumbs down so i would take it as a laugh and that not all music is for everyone. However, now that i hear the 3rd one it does seem like the reverb is toned down and there’s no drums going thru it so it seems more polished & well mixed to me, and it’s super nice sounding music, well played sir! As a side note: I’ve been experimenting with my reverb use a bit more and depending on the situation i might like to keep it low sometimes and keep everything up front but then turn up the wash effect once in a while to give the background more life as the track evolves. And that diffuse knob just blurs the sound which is really cool when things are minimal like your 3rd patch was, but when i have like more than a voice or two going thru it or just want to keep it clean sounding i’ll turn it down. Anyway, good times and thanks for sharing your music!

(Jim Frye) #38

Thanks Adi, I was pretty surprised. I just knew it was done by a knowledgeable professional musician, and totally not a dumb person who just likes being mean. lol I do plan to stay on the less is more strategy. My old ears can keep better track of a few voices at a time. Still having fun and that’s the important part. :slight_smile:

(Jim Frye) #39

This came together rather quickly for me, I only worked on it for a few days. :slight_smile: My workflow is definitely based on an idea based on the modules foremost. I see what something sounds like and go from there. This is generative and requires no user input. Please feel free to offer your feedback. I want to improve. :slight_smile:

This is a slow relaxing ambient. These sounds come from Southpole’s Riemann chord generator feeding notes to three CornrowsX oscillators running in PLUK mode, also from Southpole. I also send the same signal to an AS delay with Vult Freak running in Rescomb mode in the send return loop. There is a simple bass following the root note. All run through a Valley Plateau reverb with some careful modulation from Vult Caudal.

(Joe McMahon) #40

I love this. I transcribed the patch from the video, and added a fourth voice, enveloping, and a little LFO action for variety in the voices. Riemann is lovely! I will have to experiment with it and Turing Machine in combination. I imagine using Volts to feed Riemann would go some nice places.

I’ve not uploaded the patch anywhere, because that would be up to you, Jim – but thank you for letting us see it and giving me the chance to play with it! Let me know if you’d like a copy of my variation; I’d be glad to send it to you.

(Jim Frye) #41

Hi Joe, that looks interesting, I’d like a listen. I do this just for fun so go ahead and post some audio or the patch, anything you like. If you happen to mention it was inspired by “Clouds of Europa” that’s fine too. :slight_smile:

(Joe McMahon) #42

I’ll whip up a video and post it! And here it is!