Jim Frye - Ambient

This is my music thread where I will try to document how I created the recordings.

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Space Truckin

Euclidean rhythm drives two sample and holds reading from a summed network of three sine waves to create the main melody in this spacey percussive ambient soundscape.


very nice

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Navajo, K’é - Peace and Harmony within one’s self, within a family, as a neighbor, friend or within a community.

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Dual CornrowsX in PLUK mode, triggered by Euclidean rhythm with stereo spread. Dual Mr. Chainkov modules supply the lead sequences for left and right instruments. Building an ambient soundscape in the Blues in E scale.


Thanks to Espen Storø for showing me finally how to use the Mr. Chainkov module!

A work in progress. Tribute to Black Sabbath featuring a scream patch I learned from Leonardo Riuz, so cool! A little rough, slightly ambient tribute to my first favorite band.


Deep Space 5. The volume is a little low on this.

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Here’s a new one. Photon Matrix Navigator
A thick electric ambient powered by random notes sent to Blamsoft XFX Wave oscillator run through Vult Freak in Rescomb mode. Some drums and an echoie lead voice finish it off. Mostly generative, with some manual octave changes and fades.


Nice sounds Jim

I made another piece using the Blamsoft XFX Wave oscillator. I kinda dig the sounds from it. I wanted to try and make some bird like chirps and squeaks by driving a couple Vult Tangent filters in a HP LP series connection. It took some adjusting but worked pretty well. Next I want to try some much lighter ambient works. :slight_smile:

Ghost Is The Machine
Blamsoft XFX Wave feeds a dual Tangent filter pair to create both a repeating wave of thick deep notes and ghostly sprite like shrill notes. This feeds Southpole Parasites in time stretch mode for reverb and fill. The other half is AS Tiny Sine fed by random notes and sent to Southpole Parasites Smoke to create chimes with reverb and additional effects. Three instances of Vult Caudal provides all of the control CV and triggers for the patch.


Ooooh mama, that’s a good one! I love that “electric guitar growl” you get out of Camilla (is it?). Nice work Jim!

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Hi Lars thanks for the reply! The guitar sound is actually coming from XFX Wave and Caudal modulation. Camilla is bringing some really long reverb to fill in between the guitar notes. The pair of Tangent filters with Caudal modulation actually produce the “ghostly sprite like shrill notes”. It was very cool to figure that out. :wink:


I made this melodic generative ambient piece. An ambient walk in the snow. Melody generated by merging three LFOs and a quantizer. I manually faded some things in the intro and exit, but the music is generative. I would love to hear feedback from the community. :smiley:


Walking in frosty snow; one of my favorite sounds. Nice piece Jim.

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re: the OP: Sweet, deep, and spare, very nicely done. Double-plus good. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Dave, thanks for listening. :slight_smile: