How to import MIDI files into VCV Rack?

(Stephan R. Petrinec) #1

This is probably above my current level, but something I have been interested in and want to try. Is there a way to work with pre-generated midi files in VCV rack? Let me explain further:

I have several generative and fractal music programs, such as FractMus 2000 for example. These programs basically create generative and fractal music, and can be exported in midi files. In the past, I have then either taken the files ‘as-is’ or reworked or quantized them in other software, and then imported them into a DAW, where I proceeded to assign VSTi’s and FX into fully realized compositions. Even better in many instances, rather than using traditional instrumentation such as piano, strings, etc., I have used more experimental and bizarre voicing on the tracks with VSTi’s such as made by HG Fortune (RIP Gunter :frowning: ).

My question is, is anything similar possible within VCV Rack itself, without having to use another DAW or outside hardware/software? Is there something in VCV Rack that can import a midi file, and/or then assign tracks or portions or something to specific modules? If so, are there any available tutorials yet on how to accomplish this? Finally…is all this way above my “paygrade”? Most of my knowledge in this area is simply from hands-on experimenting and playing. I am still a beginner with modular, and with VCV rack. My main interests however are in generative music, fractal music, experimental soundscapes and textures, “soundtrack” type music, dark ambient soundscapes, things of that nature. Anything I can do to further my knowledge and experimental journey in those directions is a help!

Thank you in advance, friends!
(If this isn’t exactly in the right location as not involving a specific module, per se, please let me know where it SHOULD be posted and I won’t make the same mistake hopefully! Thank you!)

(Omri Cohen) #2

I don’t think that there is a module that can read MIDI files… I guess using a DAW is the only way for now, or maybe there is a VST for this and you can use VCV Host.

(Jim Frye) #3

I would also like to see this!

(MSM) #4

maybe something like this ( in combination with VCV Host… but I m not sure if this would work.

(Stephan R. Petrinec) #5

Hmm…but, if that’s the case, then, and this is just me thinking here…something like the new Piano Roll module would work, if loading a midi file could be implemented into it…at least, it’s something to think about and consider! Good idea though! Man, wish I was a coder/developer! Thanks!

(Andrew Belt) #6

VCV’s upcoming piano roll will support loading and saving polyphonic MIDI files. But I don’t think anything currently available can load .mid files.

(Jhon Shepherd) #7

I was thinking the same thing, And there are several approaches I would like to tinker with.
Maybe this could be of some use?