Headless Mode in Rack v2

According to this thread

@Vortico, is there any more information you can provide about how you plan to implement headless mode?


It will be very simple. Run ./Rack -h to launch in headless mode. No window will be opened, and the autosave.vcv patch will be loaded, or run ./Rack <patch file> to load a patch. You’ll hear sound if the audio interface is set correctly, and you’ll be able to use MIDI-Map and other MIDI modules to control parameters.


That solves the module browser caching problem too! :joy:

(Sorry, I’ll get my coat…)


You won’t be able to add modules in headless mode.

Sounds excellent. Thanks for the info and good luck developing this and all the other new features and modules!


Is there a rough timeline when the v2-branch will be made public?

Around January.