Good simple video editor recommendation

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To add, Natron is based on Nuke, they are so similar a person can jump straight from either to the other. Natron is having difficulty with funding currently and is in feature freeze due to it’s lone developer needing to put food on the table. This even though it’s considered relatively stable in current form The community exists at

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Hi, There are a lot of high quality videos with graphics by Rack users.

I have got to grips with video recording of the screen but need a relatively simple video editor for putting up VCP entries.

Can anyone please recommend a good video editor with the ability for graphics overlay and movement of the graphics for Windows 10.

Thank you



Here’s a previous thread that discusses the subject:

TL;DR Openshot is good. So is Shotcut.

Personally I use Blender but that’s not “simple”.

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Shotcut has a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes. It is constantly getting bugfixes and features added. The backend is made for broadcast media and the dev is the dev of both.

In addition, like vcvrack, shotcut is available on OSX,Win, and Linux.

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That’s great. Thanks to both of you.


if you’re using reaper as daw, then look into its (very basic) video editing capabilities.

on windows and osx there is also the free (as in beer) hitfilm express, which is very capable if you want to dig deeper some day.

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iMovie is (was?) quite capable and inexpensive, and I believe there are reasonably priced versions of Final Cut Express as well on that platform. When I last used an (old) mac you could get Final Cut Express for around fifty dollars, and a copy of Motion for the same, which is kind of like having after effects and premier.

It depends. If your videos are already processed for editing then it’s not significantly harder than doing the same cut and splice jobs in Final Cut or Premier. It’s not as tolerant of splicing random clips as ex. iMovie and friends are, but professional VSEs and compositing software are built around workflows where the camera footage has been pre-processed for editing as well.

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Vegas is a really great and intuitive software for windows, the prices start at 244usd

lightworks is a really great award-wining video editor, it have a free version

adobe premier is very used too

I m not recomend blender to you as video editor since is complicatet in the 2.7 version and is no ready to use in the 2.8

I think shotcut, avidemux,openshot that you are looking for

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I shall try Blender and Shotcut first and see if they do what I need.

Thanks so much for all your help. I really appreciate it.

Dave Jamuud

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DaVinci Resolve has a pretty usable free version

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it look pretty nice, and it have a Linux version too…

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One mention for Media Composer | First by Avid, though a bit oversized, not particularly friendly, and it can be picky with your system configuration. Well worth a try, anyway, for anyone willing to test and compare different solutions.

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And yet another one:
Olive Video Editor

This one is still in Alpha, but looks promising.