Good Clock Modulators?

Anyone have any module recommendations that add swing or other rhythm to a clock? I watched this video and am wondering what ways this could be implemented in VCV? I know Impromptu clock has a swing knob and I know some Impromptu sequencers let you edit a notes’ rhythm. But I’m curious if there are ones that add it more randomly.

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Check out the ZZC phase clock & dividers, they have CV inputs for swing.


Hm. I watched the video but I could not find one example where swing or other clock deviations were applied. This were all just relatively simple rhythmic patterns applied to a steady clock.

This can be achieved by mixing different clock multipliers / dividers and choose one randomly.

Rhythmic Variations.vcvs (10.6 KB)

If you really want clock modulation, have a look at this part from Omris Video about humanization:


This is a topic dear to my heart. Whereas not what you are looking for and not to hijack your topic, but my Meander module has an ostinato engine that can be varied in many ways to create an ostinato with variations, “meandering” over time, coordinating with the harmonic progression, the melody and the bass parts. This feature is labelled as “Arp” in the melody section.

Since all parameters in Meander are CV controllable, really complex evolving ostinatos can be created by turning button parameters on and off and knob parameters driven with LLFOs etc.

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For really different rhythms I might use the Marbles to modulate the clock. and use midi cc to grab the knobs and get into the fun myself.


How about using VCV’s “RANDOM”, Mount Modula’s “MAN.CV” and Count Modula’s “MIXER” to modulate a clock’s BPM around some centre value?

Or if you really want wacked out rhythm, use an inverted square wave lfo as a clock and modulate the pulse width. But it comes down to the same thing I suppose.


Or even, for swing :

Square out of an LFO (that has PWM In, like the VCV one), => a Gate to trigger module (like OctaTrig) and you use the combined up and down out, and you modulate the square’s PW with whatever you want !


The original :smiley:


:thinking: That initially made no sense to me since modulating the PW doesn’t change the period, but after I wired one up to SCOPE and inverted it (and externally triggered the scope with the sine from the same LFO), I saw that the rising edges of the pulses were now the ones shifting back and forth.

:+1:t3: I never would have thought of that.


Yes, less than 50% and the “beat” comes early and over 50% it comes later. But it usually ends up in a glorious mess :smile:

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This is brilliant! It does not come down to the same thing, because it stays synced to a straight clock. If you modulate the clock speed itself you would have a hard time to align that with a steady clock, but this is perfectly possible with PWM-modulation. Nice!


Thank you. I never thought about it that way, but yes, you are 100% correct. If you have a couple of LFOs running at the same speed but PWM them differently you can get interesting rythmic variations between instruments but they will always be in sync. This is what I love about modular, the possibilities are endless.


Funny, I was just trying this with the VCV Fundamental LFO and could not achieve the desired effect. But as it turns out, PWM on that LFO is only in one direction :rofl:

Okay, Bogaudio LFOs don’t work either.

So, what do we do in such situations? Right… Just throw a Shapemaster at the problem.


Or some Nysthi too ! Classics…

I find this idea very fun, circling around the clock, but always coming back, it can be very musical and yet a bit weird, my default sweet spot lol. Thanks for this thread and ideas !


Is the bogaudio S&H set to ± 5v? I’m not at Rack at the moment, so can’t check it myself.

Yes. I thought the width of the Pulse would be calculated from an imaginary center point, but that is not the case.

I was going to mention ShapeMaster here but you beat me to it - thanks :slight_smile:

Interesting that you went with Warp rather than Phase to shift the pulse?

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