Getting started with VCV Rack

Is there any quick 3 minute tutorials for v1.x.x - v1.1.6 where selecting the audio and midi device and getting sound with the default template is shown in detail?

Not to my knowledge. I think that when V2 comes out someone ought to do a new “install and get started” video guide.

Why wait? :smiley:

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Thanks for that Phil! It’s great to see such a succinct tutorial from Omri on the initial patch. Perfect for people turning on Rack for the first time. I’ve done a light edit of the post and incorporated the link properly. I’d prefer if you don’t edit the post directly but rather simple post the link as a comment, thanks. When v2.0 comes out I’ll do a major revamp of this and try and get it somewhat up to date.


@vortico could this page be linked from the VCV Rack Help Menu, in the next update? It is really good.

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I can’t vouch for its professionalism, so I can’t officially reference it.

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Thousands of patches are available for download at

Looking at and analyzing existing patches can be useful to beginners.

Many patches need additional modules compared to the native ones; some of these require paid modules.


@ablaut’s “Rack Starter Survival Kit” video has been mentioned above, but it also makes sense to point to his collection of modules and synthesis manuals:


In agreement with Lars I’ve updated the list in the first post, removing some broken links. I’ve also renamed the whole topic.

I’ll keep the list of written resources up-to-date but someone else should take over the list of video tutorials, which I think is already incomplete and outdated. Any volunteers?

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Since the post is pinned, it should be a wiki. I’ve made the first post a wiki.

I’ve updated my post with a picture of the new webpage

5 posts were split to a new topic: Beginners: how to add new modules to Rack

Changed the link

link broken, is there another resource ?


Guys why i couldn’t find my plugin’s “add” button.I saw it at the first time.But next time i opened the website they’re missing???