Beginners: how to add new modules to Rack

Hi there @mixer and thanks for the warm and prompt welcome . I can’t access my computer right now but I’m on my tablet . Essentially if i open VCV rack and click on the " Library " option , I’m led to a depository of both payed and free modules , effects or essentially " racks " , that have several options to present , such as subscribing to the author , and so on . But there is also an option of a " source code " or something , can’t remember exactly , but it seems like the only potentially viable way to obtain the " free " or " payed " patch/module/rack . Once clicking this I’m led to Git Hub and from there i can also download or save a " code " or " file " or " text " with files . I have tried this on both OSX and Windows 10 but as mentioned i really haven’t the first idea of what to do to get the rack going .

  • on the Library website, “subscribe” to a plugin
  • in Rack, click the Library menu, choose “Update all” (do it this anytime there’s a red dot there) and then restart Rack
  • the modules included in the plugin you subscribed to are now available to use in Rack. Right-click empty space to open the Module Browser and view them
  • the process is the same for the paid and free modules, except the checkout
  • you don’t need to use Github to install any modules, except some experimental versions that as a beginner you can safely ignore
  • on the other hand, module manuals are usually on Github. Access them by right-clicking any module in Rack
  • check out Getting started with VCV Rack

Have fun!


@mixer Great thanks for that , very much appreciate it .

@william.green429 you’re welcome. FYI I’ll probably split our conversation here and move it into a more appropriate thread.

Also here’s some basic terminology that could help you:

  • “Rack” = the software application
  • plugin = one or more modules created by the same developer and available as a bundle
  • module = any single “box” available to use with Rack
  • patch = a setup defined by multiple modules, their settings (knobs, faders, buttons positions) and all their cable connections

@mixer Great , good idea . Maybe it can benefit others .

Great explaination! :smile: Although I do not know what I am doing here (I already know how to do this) LOL

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