Getting started with VCV Rack - Video tutorials

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  • Many of the YouTube links below are links to the first video in a series, so check the playlist to the right, in YouTube
  • Written tutorials are available here
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When you start VCV Rack for the first time you will be met with the initial patch. Here our resident patching oracle, Omri Cohen, is taking you through it, showing how you get the first sounds and how the basic controls work:

After that you could go through his “basics of VCV Rack” playlist on YouTube and learn some more:

Omri’s channel is a gold mine of VCV Rack tutorials and demos and it’s very worthwhile digging through it.

Modular Curiosity - starting with the basics:

VCV Rack starter tutorial by Cy Ball:

Andrew Mercer (aka. Bucky Durdle) - great starter series:

The Klirr Factor - getting started:

KarateSnoopy - getting started:

Ablaut - starter overview:

Talking Rackheads - wonderful long-form series:

More tutorials by Omri Cohen:

Modular synth basics, much of which also applies to Rack:

VCV Rack pour les nuls - 1er Patch basique


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