What is your best material to recommend to learn VCV Rack2

Hello, people, I’m studying VCV Rack 2, Modular Synthesis, Electronics, Programming… and all the things we know are cool and necessary to learn. So: Let’s use this space to share didactic material, documentation, videos, links, etcétera.

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I recommend the video tutorials by @Omri_Cohen https://www.youtube.com/omricohen-music


It depends on the level of a “student”. I actually recommend watching stuff about electricity first. Bonus points if it’s about “musical electricity”, haha. Here, that’s what I mean: DIY VCO Part 1: The analog oscillator core anyone can build - YouTube

Omri’s channel is also a good source of information, but it’s really good to understand how this stuff works. For example, my first mistake with modulars (i mean emulated modulars) was when I tried to attach an envelope to my sound source, and there was one input and one output on the ADSR (it was a VST plugin Kamooka or Kamiooka or something). So I was sitting there thinking how the hell am I supposed to attach clock and sound to this. Good old days… I bet I am not the only one with this stupid story


My number one tip: Always have a liberal scattering of scopes in your patches so you can both hear AND SEE what is going on with signals.


This community has two wiki pages too - you can add to it.

Getting started with VCV Rack

Getting started with VCV Rack - Video tutorials

relevant to synthbuilding and electronics in general:

And some discords:


Plugin manuals


The book is a good resource.

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Stuff I consult frequently:

Musical Applications Of Microprocessors - Hal Chamberlin

Patch & Tweak - ed. Bjorn and Meyer (also see: http://patchandtweak.com/)

Electronic Music - Allen Strange (hard to find but worth the effort)

The Fundamental modules - When you know your way around this set you’ll be in high cotton. :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of material on the hardware side, e.g. the Buchla guides, much of which is relevant to the software side as well.


Non vcv modular videos have been the most helpful for me personally. There are just so many good resources and there’s lots to go from depending on your interests. I like chaotic patches with tons of movement. Here are resources that skew in that direction.

I love Sarah Belle Reid’s YouTube channel as a resource. Every video where she talks through a modular (hardware or software) setup has been instructive and applicable to vcv for me.

Her mindset with creating chaotic patches and hunting down musically interesting single knob (or cv) gestures has become part of how I patch almost every time. I also have learned a lot from her strategies with comparators and enveloppe followers (though I haven’t yet fully integrated that into my go to patching.)

Even her video about spatial audio with SPAT had some nuggets for my VCV patching.

I also recommend her no input mixing videos if you’re into feedback patching — again the mindset is applicable to vcv.

This video about her recent live modular setup is a good entry point for chaotic patching strategy.

This vcv rack setup video is a neat intro to simple audio reactive patching:

La Synthèse Humaine’s cybernetic patches series is a great source on chaotic patches.

Rob Hordijk talks have also been super instructive for me.

Todd Barton’s YouTube channel is also an incredible gold mine for patching ideas.


I second this: Especially the elaborate manuals, which give a lot of insight in how synthesis works in general.

Make Noise 0-Coast,

Erica Synths edu line of modules,

Moog Mother32, Subharmonicon or DFAM


EMS Synthi manual

And as mentioned before, when you combine this with the videos if Omri Cohen, you will learn fast!

Roland’s “The Synthesizer” set of books are excellent sources of information. Written around the o 100m but the principles are the same:

  • A Foundation For Electronic Music
  • Practical Synthesis 1
  • Practical Synthesis 2
  • Multichannel Recording

Very much out of print and highly collectable in physical form but if you search around you can find links for PDF versions. There’s a thread about them on the MW forum (Roland "The Synthesizer" Books - Page 2 - MOD WIGGLER)

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Yes, and basic concepts at his ( Omri Cohen) free Gumroad tutorials.