FLAG x Omri Cohen Prism of Perception (Advanced Delay + Looper)


Jonas here, I just released two modules for VCV Rack. This is a first for me in that they have been developed in collaboration with Omri Cohen.

The main features are:

  1. No clicks
  2. Freeze Buffer
  3. Reverse buffer
  4. Looper with scanning through the recorded buffer
  5. Ducking
  6. Karplus/Strong (accepts V/O)

Omri made a great Tutorial here:

Hope you like it!



Well done Jonas! That Prism of Perception seems highly interesting.


Instant buy, great work.

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Very versatile and intuitive delay. Thank you guys.

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fantastic. everything i want in a looping delay.

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New versions (Prism 2.0.1, Prince 2.2.3) introduces these requested features:

  1. Save/Restore of the buffer between closing and opening Rack.
  2. Freeze and Reverse controls can flip on and off without creating any clicks.
  3. Cv controls works properly for filter in “Prince”
  4. Fix spellings of the divisors (4h → 4th)
  5. Certain parameters are not affected by randomization

Thanks everyone who reported issues and/or suggested improvements,



I caught a very interesting visual bug:

It happens for a second or two when I open a patch. And as far as I can tell it doesn’t affect sounds, just a visual glitch.

System: windows 7 64 sp1

VCV version: 2.3.0


I’m fairly sure that i got that as well but i thought my eyes had gone funny.

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I watched Omri’s video and these modules look awesome!

I’m surprised there’s only been 6 comments about them in a week - they deserve more attention.

Great job Jonas and Omri.


Yeah, I said it in the youtube comments, but I’ll echo it here, terrific work!

I’m excited to spend more time with it :slight_smile:

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