Inspired by Chase Bliss Habit

Hi all!

Here’s a video where I have my first big test of my latest patch. It is inspired by the Chase Bliss Pedal HABIT and it is a great opportunity to explore the fantastic delay plugins of FLAG. I also got some inspiration by playing with the Path Set IceTray and implemented an automated rotating record/play/mute/play etc system on the delays. I am sure Path Set coded it differently, but it was nice for me to explore such things from scratch :slight_smile: Anyway, hope you enjoy!


This is really nice!!

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It sounds beautiful! Please could you put the patch on this thread, I would like to see how you have used ‘automated rotating record/play/mute/play etc system on the delays’. I always appreciate a good delay based patch.

Nice! I’ve had a looping/granular patch on the go for a while using Prince of Perception. It makes a kind of instant Frippertronics. I haven’t shared it yet because I wanted to record a demo first and haven’t had time. Incidentally, someone asked if I could emulate one of the CBA pedals, so I might have a go at that, but it seems a bit too random at the moment. I’m wondering if it’s worth mapping a controller to the scan knob, so you can adjust to find the sweet spots, similar to using Clouds with the freeze on.


The Frippertronics patch does sound interesting!

@ady34 it’s dead simple, Prince of Perception has a 60 second buffer so if you slowly modulate the delay time and scan parameters, it will regurgitate parts of what you just played. I’m using Vult Caudal for modulation, which is why it’s totally random, and also I use 4 modules as two pairs of stereo, with one pair going backwards. Looking at the CBA Habit, it has quite a few features, some of which are easy enough to do in Rack (like a LP/HP filter) but some are much harder. For example, there isn’t a pitch shifter that sounds anywhere near as good as the pedal.

Yeah, the modulation section is a challenge :slight_smile: still investigating. In this patch I created a hybrid between IceTray and the way Habit uses its buffer. As I am not going for an emulation perse, I am planning to have different modes: the ice mode (this one) and a habit mode, which uses autoscan and manual scan. The autoscan on habit jumps in its buffer, returning to the present. So it is not a contiuous modulation of the delay, but more a kind of stepped signal. The amount of step, is set by the scan knob. At least, I am going to try this

Pitch shift–wise this one is newish, have you tried it for CBA Habit

[VCV Library - docB PShift (] (VCV Library - docB PShift)

Yeah, I’ve tried the docB one but it doesn’t sound that good on guitar, which is what I mainly work with.

@koen.kaptijn if you wanted to jump through the buffer, you could always use sample and hold, or something like the Bogaudio ADDR sequencer for more control.