FLAG x Omri Cohen Prism of Perception (Advanced Delay + Looper)

Very versatile and intuitive delay. Thank you guys.

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fantastic. everything i want in a looping delay.

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New versions (Prism 2.0.1, Prince 2.2.3) introduces these requested features:

  1. Save/Restore of the buffer between closing and opening Rack.
  2. Freeze and Reverse controls can flip on and off without creating any clicks.
  3. Cv controls works properly for filter in “Prince”
  4. Fix spellings of the divisors (4h → 4th)
  5. Certain parameters are not affected by randomization

Thanks everyone who reported issues and/or suggested improvements,



I caught a very interesting visual bug:

It happens for a second or two when I open a patch. And as far as I can tell it doesn’t affect sounds, just a visual glitch.

System: windows 7 64 sp1

VCV version: 2.3.0


I’m fairly sure that i got that as well but i thought my eyes had gone funny.

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I watched Omri’s video and these modules look awesome!

I’m surprised there’s only been 6 comments about them in a week - they deserve more attention.

Great job Jonas and Omri.


Yeah, I said it in the youtube comments, but I’ll echo it here, terrific work!

I’m excited to spend more time with it :slight_smile:

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I finally made a (very short) video about the volt per octave mode:


Please is the patch available to play with? Always loved Apache as a track! Much appreciated.

Hi ady32,

Here you go:



Stems doesn’t hold the flac-file inside the patch so you will have to load the flac-sample above into stems.

The patch will not download properly into Rack. Every time I load it it appears and then disappears when I move the sidebars. A bit disappointed, not sure what’s wrong. Thanks.

Dear all,

Prism of Perception cannot be found in the module browser on VCV macOS Arm64 2.4 and of course cannot be loaded. On my Windows-PC without problems. Does anyone else have this problem?

Surely I’m just making a stupid mistake? But which one?

It isn’t ported to arm64 yet

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Please contact support (VCV - Support) they should be able to help you!



Hi Jonas,

Thanks for these wonderful plugins! I am experimenting with them a lot these last days and I am wondering if they could have a longer delay size, say 60 seconds. It would then almost be a small time machine, where you can play around with bigger forms. I can imagine they could form the basis of patches that are inspired by the Chase Bliss Habit pedal.

If not, no worries! I am enjoying them already :slight_smile:


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Hi Koen,

The buffer is actually 60s! So good guess :slight_smile: the delay-length only goes up to 20 seconds, but you can access the whole buffer by using the “scan” knob.

Please try it out!

The knobs functions are described here: https://flagaudio.com/vcv/prism-of-perception.html


Well here is the first (bigger) result! thanks again!


I’ve just bought this, I’ve been using it loads recently so I felt like I should support the developer, and also you get a send/return loop with the paid version which should be fun. Great work Jonas! I do have a couple of feature requests, a CV input to clear the buffer would be handy. I like to run multiple copies of this module in a patch, and it’s a slight pain to right click each one to clear. Secondly, I don’t know if polyphony would be possible, but that would be mind blowing!

Also, I discovered that if you use a short delay time, freeze it and slowly modulate the scan knob, you can get great timestretch effects. Here’s a video!


Thanks for the kind words… and many thanks for putting the video together! Just to clarify, “Prince of Perception” is free for all, since you have “Prism” too, I can highly recommend the cross-feedback :slight_smile: Cheers!


I’ll be trying that, yeah. Delays with feedback loops are one of the best things ever for sound design!