FLAG x Omri Cohen Prism of Perception (Advanced Delay + Looper)

I’ve just bought this, I’ve been using it loads recently so I felt like I should support the developer, and also you get a send/return loop with the paid version which should be fun. Great work Jonas! I do have a couple of feature requests, a CV input to clear the buffer would be handy. I like to run multiple copies of this module in a patch, and it’s a slight pain to right click each one to clear. Secondly, I don’t know if polyphony would be possible, but that would be mind blowing!

Also, I discovered that if you use a short delay time, freeze it and slowly modulate the scan knob, you can get great timestretch effects. Here’s a video!


Thanks for the kind words… and many thanks for putting the video together! Just to clarify, “Prince of Perception” is free for all, since you have “Prism” too, I can highly recommend the cross-feedback :slight_smile: Cheers!


I’ll be trying that, yeah. Delays with feedback loops are one of the best things ever for sound design!

Hey all!

I’ve been using Prince… to create a sort of free-form looper to replace the (good but impractical) “wayback machine” reaper plugin. It’s very promising! Wayback is a EDP-style looper, which relies on a longer buffer exactly like Prince and Prism have, so that’s nice. :slight_smile: Integrating this in VCV is opening some really cool possibilities for tempo-synced manipulation of free-time loops, which is exactly what I’ve been after and struggling to realize other ways. So I’m for sure gonna pick up Prism too as money permits.

Only one issue: The overall lack of clicks and such is wonderful, but there’s one chink in the armour: The feedback control zippers! Both the dial itself and when modulated. Is it meant to? I know I can use the freeze control, but in some cases it would be better to switch between full feedback-no input and full input-no feedback.

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Many thanks for the detailed feedback! I should be able to fix the zipper-noise… (look forward to an updated version)

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Great, thanks! :slight_smile:

Fixed in these versions:

VCV Library - FLAG Prism of Perception version 2.0.2

VCV Library - FLAG Prince Of Perception version 2.2.5


Is there a way to disable the display on the Prince?

No, not really… you mean the representation of the audio in the buffer?

If you dont want to look at it you can move it far from the other modules in the patch… maybe set up some remote controls with patch master…


Yes, that’s what I’m doing now.

It can be wild sometimes. :slight_smile:

Very nice module BTW!!


Wonderful, thank you.

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