Fahmi M. - Music Releases / Sound Experiments with VCV Rack

Novation Launch Control sync with VCV Rack.

  • LED light trigger by same CV (from Marbles) for trigger sounds on Rings. Use CV-to-MIDI module.


Plaits to Clouds in VCV Rack :

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Live on 122 bpm : Used Mutable Instruments Plaits as Only Sound Source, for :

  • kick drum
  • chords
  • particle noise

Download : Patch / Generative Music - 011


Modular Tekkno Jam : Plaits as Only Sound Source

Download : Patch

Generative noise beats based on Permutation module, Braids & Plaits for glitch sounds, kick from Vult, self-oscillating filter exploration with Ripples.

Patch - Generative Music 013


Audio reactive visual experiment :

The audio I made with VCV Rack, use patch on above.

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Drone ambient noise experiment with Erica Synths Black Wavetable VCO, MI Plaits for chords-particle noise, to granular audio processor / MI Clouds

Download This Patch

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Tapeloops sounds from Walkman, processed to Clouds for granular synthesis, and layer with sounds of Rings and Plaits in VCV Rack

If you want to explore the patch : download on this


Modular beats jam on 125 BPM

Patch Notes :

  • Percussions from Elements

  • Kick use Vult

  • Plaits to Clouds for drone


Download this patch to explore more : https://www.patreon.com/posts/generative-music-49603124

Jackfruit play modular synth in real time with midi biodata sonification device. By attaching the two alligator clips to the fruit, the device measures and identifies the tiny electrical current fluctuations the fruit generates. These galvanic fluctuations are turned into midi notes and controls that can be read by modular synthesizers in vcv rack which allows the fruit to tell about its environment and the changes that are going on around it.


‘Arus Alami’ : my first ambient music album as NFT on Hic et Nunc (eco-friendly marketplace in tezos open-source blockchain network).

Made with modular synthesis in VCV Rack

Listen or consider to collect : www.hicetnunc.xyz/objkt/86083

Tracklist :

  1. Olah Rasa
  2. Perlahan Pekat
  3. Pergerakan Arah


More info & updates : twitter.com/FahmiMursyid

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Made with modular synth in VCV Rack, based on free improvisation and live recordings. Inspired by Balinese gamelan scale

Generative abstract fluid visual with ambient modular sounds, made with VCV Rack

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Experiment with hybrid system for create generative sounds. Using VCV Rack as automaton sequencer (software) to trigger sounds on eurorack modular synth (hardware) in real-time via MIDI to CV


Video-audio version

Audio of this made with VCV Rack


Audio of this made with VCV Rack