Fahmi M. - Music Releases / Sound Experiments with VCV Rack

In this thread, you can find all of my music releases / sound experiments with VCV Rack.

Featured :

Switched On Rack Vol. 1 (2017)

Switched On Rack Vol. 3 (2019)

Telekom Electronic Beats

CDM Create Digital Music

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Minimal techno jam with VCV Rack 0.4 (2017) :

*Mostly used fundamental & basic modules.


Techno jam with VCV Rack 0.4.0 :

*Mostly used Audible Instruments modules as sound source.

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I created album edition on my Bandcamp, about all audio tracks that I made with VCV Rack (mostly live recording / one take). Like audio blog.

Released February 11, 2018

VCV Rack now lets you run an entire simulated Eurorack on your computer – or interface with hardware modular. And you can get started without spending a cent, with add-on modules available by the day for free or inexpensively. Ted Pallas has been working with VCV since the beginning, and gives us a complete hands-on guide.

There’s always a reason people fall in love with modular music set-ups. For some, it’s having a consistent, tactile interface. For others, it’s about the way open-ended architectures let the user, rather than a manufacturer, determine the system’s limits. For me, the main attraction to modulars is access to tools that can run free from a rigid musical timeline, but still play a sequence. It means they let me dial in interesting poly-rhythmic parts without stress.

-CDM, an online magazine for creative technology.

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Experiment with Vult module : Trummor (drum synthesizer) for bass line:

Generative Ambient Music in VCV Rack v0.5.0 :

“Ambient Music must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting.”

  • Brian Eno
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Drone. Is. Eternal. Primal origins exposed via mass ebbing forward from the past while an ethereal knell drifts incrementally from the future. The center is I. Investigating such phenomena through linear pathways broaches the absurd. Meditations, philosophical rants, poems, short stories,
interviews, diagrams, Rorschach-like images, investigations, excoriations, imaginations, excitations all converge on and are underscored by The Drone. Centered on the I, subjectivity is a given, a process that allows both writer and reader to wallow in ideas and revel in questions of sound and meaning indefinitely. Yet neither form a stable enough subject to avoid contamination by others.
The I gives way to the many and the many to the sound, The Drone, infinite, endless, in which the body is “vibrated by sound which, listeners repeat, ‘is to be experienced not understood’.”
-Dean Wilcox

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Ambient modular (VCV Rack 0.6) sounds (trigger use piezo to resonator modules) blending with field recordings recorded in Malagufuk village (located in Klasou Valley, West Papua):

Released May 13, 2018


Double VCV Rack screens (vertical format) :

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Analog Tape Loops Experiment with VCV Rack:



In this track of my new album, I used resonator module (as sound source, with minimal effect) of Audible Instruments in VCV Rack, mix it with acoustic instrument (Kalimba, processed to granular synthesis in Max), and add some field recordings as texture.


Released via Cudighi Records (San Francisco, California) on cassette tape and digital.


Experiment to used various colors of noise (violet, blue, white, pink, brown/red) to trigger resonator module with sympathetic strings mode in VCV for create deep listening experience.

  • Different colors of noise have significantly different properties: for example, as audio signals they will sound different to human ears, and as images they will have a visibly different texture. Therefore, each application typically requires noise of a specific color. This sense of ‘color’ for noise signals is similar to the concept of timbre in music (which is also called “tone color”; however the latter is almost always used for sound, and may consider very detailed features of the spectrum.
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yeah man!

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Uploaded new tracks on bandcamp, all sounds made with VCV Rack. About exploring the generative sequencer, harmonic oscillator, minimalism, panoramic delay, drone, hypnotic noise, giga reverb, and repetition but not ‘repetitive’.

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It sounds cool bro! Almost Aoki Takamasa

@spacetraffic Thanks, but I think it’s really different, no beats in here

I was referring to Aokis best album when he was not so beats - indigo rose and specially those beatless tracks, perfect music for the woods when mountain biking.

@spacetraffic Oh okay, I see. Btw you have good music reference

I uploaded new tracks on bandcamp. Inspired by shoegaze - post rock - lofi music, live recording / free improv session with modular synth in VCV Rack :

I contributed a track for compilation of VCV Rack modular community, Switched On Rack Vol. 3.

The compilation, featured on CDM :