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Hi Matt and welcome!!

Those demos look so cool. I hope one day people like yourself can make Miku come alive :wink:

I tried doing something like this with music/midi piped into Blender 3D with a unique add-on but my PC doesn’t have enough grunt.

Look forward to more of your work.


That is sooo cool. :grinning:.


Hi Matt, welcome to the VCV community,

your doing some really intersting stuff with the visuals :+1:


Absolutely brilliant! Welcome!


Thanks everyone! :grin:

Looking forward to sharing more with you guys.

I would love to see this sort of stuff at a live event! There are some K-pop groups who are getting close with virtual performers.

Personally I’d love to be able to go to a Gorillaz concert and see the members “performing live” alongside a real band. I think we’re actually not too far away from this, technically!

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Hi Matt,

I feel a bit like an imposter weloming someone, since I only joined a few days ago,after lurking for only a few weeks. But,anyway,Hi,and welcome. I imagine this will become a really big topic as more members find out about it.After all,the capabilities shown in the two videos are pretty mind-blowing.

I have a question,if you wouldnt mind. I looked around your web page,and Github,and could not find anything about cpu/gfx card requirements.Now,I can see that these would be dependant on many factors,but a little guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I never have been into games,and I know that you are using a gaming engine,if I understand correctly,and Blender is also mentioned,and I only ever dabbled,very briefly,with that,or any other 3D software,so I know very little about these things.

I do know that graphics card are enormously important in Gaming PCs,sometimes the most important thing,I believe,or,at least,a common limiting factor,so what I wonder about is : Does uRack depend mostly on cpu,or the graphics card,or both ? I think Blender is very cpu-heavy,in terms of creation,but displaying the rendered objects mey,or may not,be different.Also,there are are other 3D programs,with other emphases,so the possibilities of your system are rather mind boggling.

Also,as I alluded to above,does the emphasis be differ when displaying a shifting 3d abstract shape/design,as opossed to,say the “dancer” image you showed ?

I am currently speccing out a new PC,and VCV Rack has become the most important part of that calculation.I was planning on just a modest graphics card,based on advice gleened from discussions on this forum,but if a more powerful one would be a big advantage in running your visuals alongside VCV,I would be quite happy to buy a more powerful,gamer-oriented,card,so I would appreciate your advice about this.

Again,welcome,and,very good luck with your system.It is already an awesome acheivment.I can hardly wait to see how it develops.

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Hi Squinky.

Thanks.I am certain that is good advice.

[For some reason my apostrophe key is not working.Dont know why,but when I hit it all that happens is that I toggle between a normal,white background,and a black background.I must have,somehow,made it a hotkey,in Firefox - its happening on other sites as well - by accident.The best I can think to do,for the minute,is use a semi-colon where I would normally use an apostrophe].

Anyway,I wouldnt be at all surprised if Matt;s URack required a lot more grunt than VCV;s graphic do,alone,but I;m not sure.

Thanks,as always for your help and advice. [I;ll drop you a short PM].

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Thanks for pointing out that I haven’t written anything about system requirements for my setup… Something I must remember to write up as I put together the docs for my own project.

Anyway, you’re on the right track thinking that the system requirements will definitely change depending on what you want to do.

Just like in VCV Rack - if you use a lot of modules processing a lot of audio in a very big patch, you’ll certainly need the beefy system to handle it. But you can get away with a not-so-powerful system if you only have a couple of voices and effects. Limitations can be good for creativity…

In URack, if you want to push it to the limit and render millions of particles with lots of lights in the scene, and render it twice for a VR headset (once for each eye) at 100fps, you’ll need a top of the line graphics card.

In the videos I posted above, the first video with the AirSticks uses a mid-range laptop GPU. It works fine because its pretty simple shapes but still gets a nice effect. The second video is all rendered on a high-end GPU, but it doesn’t push it. I’ve had success running the first patch you see in that demo (the abstract shape with the drum sequencer in VCV) on a Macbook Air which doesn’t even have a discrete GPU.

Hi Matt,and thanks for your answers.

I was most interested in what was shown in the 2nd video.I’m not thinking in terms of public performances or VR/AR displays. The abstract design shown at the start of video 2,and the dancer,and other images/designs/point clouds, somewhat similar to the abstract design,and the dancer,being displayed either on the same monitor as VCV Rack,or on an adjacent monitor is what I’m thinking of.

Having just watched the second video again,a couple of things you say really stand out.

For instance,just as the abstract design appears - no need for “a seperate software environment for visual composition”. Also,it seems that this abstract design is generated,live,or on the spot,so to speak. However,the point cloud dancer,while being controlled in real time,is pre-recorded.

Could you tell me how the “dancer” is generated in the first place ?

Finally,when you say a “high-end” GPU,are you talking 2080Ti level,or a little,or quite a bit lower ? Particularily for the “dancer” scene. [Either way,is it the original generating/recording that is most demanding,or the playback/control ?]

Sorry for all the questions. I imagine others may wonder the same things. And,please,answer at your leisure.

Thanks in advance,and thanks again for bringing what looks like an incredible system to the,already incredible VCV Rack.

Let’s take this conversation elsewhere!

I will send you a DM shortly :slightly_smiling_face:


Is this project still active ? Would be a shame to let it languish.

This project looks so cool, but there’s been no indication here that it’s still developing. However, there has been some recent activity on Matt’s github site. The URack Collection has been updated for Windows and Linux, and a new version of the player is available for Windows. Alas, no Linux or Mac versions, no source code for the player yet, no setup instructions, and no communication from the author. :frowning:

Welcome to the rackpack…

Just wanted to bump this thread. I noticed someone mentioned it on Reddit. Looks like an amazing project!