DSW Vision 2 'Flow alpha' (currently macOS only)

(Dmitry Wolf) #1

Hi there!
Here is my little plugin

VCV Vision plugin (currently macOS only)

AML Ambient Light Voltage module

Outputs voltage based on Ambient Light Sensor in Mac computers. (do not use camera)

I have an idea to make another module based on OpenCV, basically you will be able to control multiple voltages by waving multiple color blobs in front of a camera, lol :smiley:

(Richie Hindle) #2

Argh, my poor rails! I won’t be able to sleep until you make the screws line up with the mounting holes.

(Cool idea, by the way. :slight_smile: )

(Lars Bjerregaard) #3

Just tried it on my iMac and it does work. First time I’ve played notes on a synth by waiving my hands in front of the camera :smile: I do need to dial the Scale knob to the extremes though. It gave me an idea: There must be a ton of sensors on any modern PC, that you can tap into to generate values (and so, voltages). Thermal output came to mind, hint hint, nudge nudge…

Will you submit this to the Plugin Manager?

(Roman Novikov) #4

Haha! Now it’s time to buy yourself an Arduino with light sensor for it, Lars!

Just imagine: you’re opening heavy VCV patch, cpu starts to heat up and controlling some LFO by that for example… Isn’t that cool?

(Dmitry Wolf) #5

Opencv working within rack.

Implemented prototype in python, current idea ‘Flow’ is deriving four magnitude movement directions from camera, python prototype sends it over CoreMidi to Rack.
On my machine I get really low FPS with python.
C++ with OpenCL should improve performance, but I have been struggling to port python prototype over.

Prototype for interested

(Dmitry Wolf) #6

I have been working on new module.
It is called Flow. Like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_flow
Using OpenCV and web camera it is able to extract vectors describing motion.

Can someone test if it works at all? :smiley:

https://github.com/diimdeep/DSW-Vision/releases/download/2.0alpha1/DSW-Vision-Flow.alpha1.zip (macOS only!)

Warning. Early alpha, expect memory leaks, crashes.

(zero) #7

Might we be able to give it any video feed - like a file?

(Roman Novikov) #8

Link is dead and i can’t build module right now.
I have opencv4 installed via brew. Maybe i need another version?

This is the end of ‘make’ command:

clang: **error:** no such file or directory: 'dep/lib/opencv4/3rdparty/libittnotify.a'
clang: **error:** no such file or directory: 'dep/lib/opencv4/3rdparty/libippiw.a'
clang: **error:** no such file or directory: 'dep/lib/opencv4/3rdparty/libade.a'
make: *** [plugin.dylib] Error 1

(Dmitry Wolf) #9

Yes, but didn’t tried to implement this.

(Dmitry Wolf) #10

Oops, here it is https://github.com/diimdeep/DSW-Vision/releases/download/2.0alpha1/DSW-Vision-Flow.alpha1.zip

(Dmitry Wolf) #11

I didn’t want to ask users to install something separate.
So I decided to roll my own built script and I decided on static linking.
But homebrew prebuilt opencv has too many extra dependencies and too much to link.

There is built script for opencv

cd dep
make dep
cd ..

(Andrew Belt) #12

It’s better to put the build scripts in the root Makefile so you can run make dep as normal instead of running an entirely different Makefile.

(jue) #13

Thank you so much for this fantastic module, one of the top three Vcv modules. Works like a charm here… It replaces my D-Beam modulations from the last ten years. Thank you again!!!