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Hi Everyone

One day around Christmas 2020, I sat down with some new headphones and looked through the app store to find something to test them with. A search for synthesizers returned an app called Hexen – Modular Eurorack Synthesizer. I had no idea what a Modular Eurorack Synthesizer was but the pictures looked cool so I installed it and loaded up one of the demo racks. After listening to it and watching what it was doing for about 30 seconds I jumped up and literally ran to my computer to find a full size version. I immediately found VCV Rack. My brain lit up like a Christmas tree when I found this community had already piled up more presents than I could ever open and play with.

With VCV I’ve found a musical instrument I can jam with. I love it when the music takes on life of its own in ways I couldn’t have expected. Other timeline-based DAWs never sparked my interest in creating music the way VCV has. As a VFX compositor accustomed to the workflow of node-based compositing in Nuke, I feel at home working in VCV.

After a few months of noodling around with this incredible piece of software, I’ve released my debut album on Bandcamp.

Thank you Andrew Belt et al. for making all of this and for sharing knowledge about how to use it.

With much gratitude.

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Glad you found sonic harmony with VCV Rack. I started back in April 2020 and I am still finding my feet, especially in creating rhythms. Synth noises and harmonies I believe I am getting better at. I will have a look at the album, good to see people get good sounds out of the Rack. All the best to u and yours.

Patched and recorded during the total lunar eclipse of 2021-05-26. Primarily driven by Geodesics Branes and ML Modules Arpeggiator (PolyArp). Enjoy!


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After my overcomplicated patch for the vcp-69 challenge I felt the need to post something simpler and more melodic. This patch is the result of spending much needed time in Alfred’s Basic Piano Library.


This is so happy! :smiley:

Yeah nothing like a major scale arpeggio to brighten the day. I don’t even know if what I did is a proper major scale! Got a lot to learn, but it still makes me happy.

Lately I’ve been drooling over all the videos of people jamming with the Behringer recreations of classic Roland synths: Behringer’s TD-3, RD-6, RD-9, & MS-101. Some really great sounds and inspiring jams out there. But all the gear stores are closed due to lockdown. I could order but VCV Rack has everything I need to attempt recreating these sounds. I’ve never actually owned or played any of the Roland or Behringer hardware so this is purely my digital interpretation. Enjoy!


Love the toms - there’s a lot going on here.

Nice! I’ve been checking out Behringer lately too! I wondered that a Neutron and Crave combo can be a perfect introduction to semi-modular hardware!

Somewhere on the forum I came across reference to the Geodesics blank easter egg. That led to discovery of Nysthi dark mode. Took a bit of inspiration from @TheHorseValse loops (and everyone else around here), and this patch is the result.

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Nice one! :slight_smile: Half 80s, half modern! What is that easter egg doing? Is it a random voltage or something?

If it’s the one I’m thinking of it’s a close encounter.

Yeah just load up the 4hp logo plate and hover/click around. You’ll figure it out. I don’t know if the sequence has changed over time with updates but right now it’s exactly 2 semitones lower than an iconic sci-fi melody. :wink: But it’s not at all noticeable in the patch I did.

Building on @steve 's ShapeMaster PsyTrance kick patch. Started out by adding some Caudal movement to the Debriatus and the patch grew from there.

I’m excited to share my first published VCV Rack 2 track. It started out this morning as a test of the new Alright Devices modules, the jam took over, and it turned into this. Thanks to everyone for bringing this incredible instrument into the world. A special thanks to Nythsi @synthi for adding the insert button into 4Hands for VCV2. It was hugely helpful on this track. :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:

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