Cosmo Productions Music Thread

Hi Everyone

One day around Christmas 2020, I sat down with some new headphones and looked through the app store to find something to test them with. A search for synthesizers returned an app called Hexen – Modular Eurorack Synthesizer. I had no idea what a Modular Eurorack Synthesizer was but the pictures looked cool so I installed it and loaded up one of the demo racks. After listening to it and watching what it was doing for about 30 seconds I jumped up and literally ran to my computer to find a full size version. I immediately found VCV Rack. My brain lit up like a Christmas tree when I found this community had already piled up more presents than I could ever open and play with.

With VCV I’ve found a musical instrument I can jam with. I love it when the music takes on life of its own in ways I couldn’t have expected. Other timeline-based DAWs never sparked my interest in creating music the way VCV has. As a VFX compositor accustomed to the workflow of node-based compositing in Nuke, I feel at home working in VCV.

After a few months of noodling around with this incredible piece of software, I’ve released my debut album on Bandcamp.

Cosmo Productions

Thank you Andrew Belt et al. for making all of this and for sharing knowledge about how to use it.

With much gratitude,

Gabe Mandala


Glad you found sonic harmony with VCV Rack. I started back in April 2020 and I am still finding my feet, especially in creating rhythms. Synth noises and harmonies I believe I am getting better at. I will have a look at the album, good to see people get good sounds out of the Rack. All the best to u and yours.

Patched and recorded during the total lunar eclipse of 2021-05-26. Primarily driven by Geodesics Branes and ML Modules Arpeggiator (PolyArp). Enjoy!

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