Basic workflows for Ambient Generative Patches?

Ok…so after a loooong fascination with modular but being completely freaked out even looking at it, I have now downloaded this and been messing around.
Perplexed isn’t the word.

My Microbrute seems like a child’s toy now.

Is there a basic “workflow” to create ambient, generative patches?
I’m thinking of a basic step guide to then learn and build from if that makes sense.


watch @Omri_Cohen videos like this one


Welcome in the commuunity!

I might suggest LUCA CRISI patches also. Those are quite simple (in terms of plugins used), MODULAR CURIOSITY, VCV RACK IDEAS and of course PATCH STORAGE from where you can download tons of cool patches you can study!

And @jeremy is too humble to say he’s got his YT channel… JEREMY WENTWORTH! :wink:


Wow…I wasn’t expecting replies so quickly…thanks!!!

Ok these all look great (Jeremy you’re channel looks great!).
Think I have some learning to do! Fortunately I have now dedicated today to learning as much as I can…as if I’m going to be an expert by the end of the day or something.

Thanks again!

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Cheers, Jeremy!

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Awesome!! Thanks!!
It’s a good job I’m not in work the next few days…

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