Announcing Polyphonic Macro Oscillator 1 / 2 beta

edit : March 10th 2020, version 1.0.8 :

  • GUI knob updates for Macro Oscillator 2 (Plaits) by Xandermogue.

  • Added the Random Sampler (Marbles) module into this plugin. No polyphony support at this point, but compared to the official Random Sampler it has 2 new GUI knobs to control the gate lengths and their randomization.

edit : March 4th 2020 : version 1.0.7 with new trimpots for Macro Oscillator 2 (Plaits) to get independent control of the LPG modulation amounts. (Implemented by Xandermogue.) edit : March 4th 2020 : version 1.0.6 with preliminary polyphonic Macro Oscillator 1 (Braids). edit : March 4th 2020 : version 1.0.5 with support for polyphonic CVs for the LPG decay/color parameters. edit : March 2nd 2020 : version 1.0.4 with an expanded GUI that has new knobs and CV inputs for the LPG decay and colour parameters, so it’s no longer necessary to activate the LPG adjustment mode from the context menu.

I finally decided today to attempt making a polyphony enabled version of Macro Oscillator 2. (Based on Plaits by Mutable Instruments.) There are no doubt various bugs, so definitely consider this an early beta. I have only worked a few hours on this today.

The CPU usage will be pretty high and there are no easy opportunities to make that better, but perhaps that might be possible in the future. The polyphony will be determined by the number of poly channels in the V/Oct input. (If no cable is connected there, it will have 1 voice.)

Preliminary binary builds are available for Windows and macOS (hidden in the “Assets” in the page) :

Linux build hopefully works from source without too much hassle. (I just tested by cloning the git repo on my Mac and the plugin built fine without any extra troubles.)

Like the name of the plugin suggests, maybe in the future I will also look into adding polyphony for some other Audible Instruments modules too.


Let’s try it!

I was waiting for so long! Gonna test win build in the near future. Poly elements next plz!

EDIT: sorry, was so excited, replied to the wrong person.

Yeah, the Modal Synthesizer (Elements) would probably be the next thing I will investigate. (It seems to have its own ideas about pitch tuning, though, so I am not so sure how well it would actually work in a polyphonic context…) But I first need to get some feedback on the Macro Oscillator 2, if it’s working like expected and so on.

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I’ll ty it asap

I couldn’t find any bugs yet, seems to work as expected :+1:

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Thanks for testing!

Would love a polyphonic braids!

Worked great in the quick & dirty test I devised.

Wow, this is cool! I’m wondering if you can crack it even more sometime for example to add separate controls, separate cv inputs and attenuverters for lpg-vca \ decay… EDIT: BTW NO BUGS AT ALL. Cpu consumption is pretty ok for that kind of oscillator but when anyone want to make even more saves on this - low cpu mode still works and works pretty much awesome and noticable without any changes in the overall sound.

Maybe I’ll take a look but I find it pretty annoying to work with the SVG graphics…(Maybe I could add the new GUI elements in the code, though…)

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If you don’t like to refresh initial Plaits interface then an expander would work if you find this an elegant solution for that kind of purpose. Thanks for your work again!

Built and tested under Windows 10. It’s great!

I don’t think the CPU usage feels unreasonable given that you only pay for what you’re using.

Looks like that on windows 10 Laptop without internal graphic’s card. Despite having additional voices in the patch running no artifacts are produced and everything works smoothly. Compared the original oscillator on top to your module on bottom line.

Started working on that today.


I am working on adding separate knobs and CV inputs for the LPG parameters. What a difference in usability! :astonished: Trying to adjust those LPG parameters using the existing knobs in the GUI certainly hasn’t been ideal…Understandable in the hardware version, of course. Each new knob and CV input would add so much to the cost of the hardware.


Released version 1.0.3 with an expanded GUI that has new knobs and CV inputs for the LPG decay and colour parameters, so it’s no longer necessary to activate the LPG adjustment mode from the context menu. Note that the module is now wider, so if you already have it in a patch, you may need to do some rearrangement of your modules.

Windows and Mac binaries :


Thanks for your work again! Looking forward for testing that ASAP. BTW your previous version of moded plaits has inspired me for this tutorial

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Just saying :


edit : misunderstanding.