Aepelzens Parasites v2.0

                                       Aepelzens Parasites v2.0

Well here we are, another oldie but goodie set of modules dusted off and presented clean and fresh for 2023!

These are from the v0.5 days in 2017 and some of you, around then, will remember them. Sadly not even given the v1 treatment.

The three modules are:

Cycles - based on Tides [New for v2: I have added lights for the quantizer which mimics the hardware and a selection knob with tooltip.]

Wasp - based on Warps [note: I may change the name to prevent clashing with the Doepfer Wasp filter - advice/ideas???]

Tapeworm - which is the delay from Warps

These use the Parasites firmware by Matthias Puech mqtthiqs (Matthias Puech) · GitHub

There are two other Parasites modules: Clouds, which has been done by @adbrant as Parable Instruments and Frames which has yet to appear in VCV Rack. I might get to it myself one day, I may need help with that as I’m not a big Frames user and am still learning how that module works under the hood.

Panels: Cycles has the v0.6 panel which was converted to SVG from the PNG original. The others I did myself, inspired by ideas from an AI called Looka.


I have kept the original README @ GitHub - SteveRussell33/AepelzensParasites: Mod of Audible Instruments Modules for VCV-Rack with Parasites firmware which links to the firmware manual.

Enjoy and I look forward to your comments, love and adoration!

Have a good weekend, cheers!


Most Excellent!

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Thank you so very much, good sir! :star_struck: :v:

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Awesome, thank you!

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Yay! Thank you… Much love and adoration indeed.

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Fantastic! We’re in a golden age of V2 reintegrations! Wonderful work. Thanks so much @Steve_Russell

I don’t think the name clash is a huge deal but if you wanted a close alternative, how about Warsp? :slight_smile: In US southern vernacular it’s a way to say “Wasp”


Perhaps Vespid / Vespida / Vespidae or Vespine / Vespinae… anything in that family sounds like a good candidate :honeybee:

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Maybe Vesp?

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What about : Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner :wink:



Well played


I don’t get the point :wink:


I was wondering what happened to the old alternative firmware Clouds …was it Neil and Joni? Would be great to get those back at some point.


Yeah that’s Neil with the additional “Oliverb” and “Resonestor” modes. Joni is the original Clouds reskinned.

If people want Neil, and can build, then clone/download from here:

I may fork just this branch from the repo to add a workflow for building Neil - I’ll leave Joni out as everyone has Clouds. I’m thinking I could add Neil to Aepelzens Parasites which would leave only Frames to be done. Thoughts anyone?


Sounds like a great idea. I think there is some value in keeping Joni since it had knobs and inputs for reverb and feedback. I know there is Supercell which also has this but it would be nice to have an open source version.


I like this option, so add away…

Yes, that would be great. I really liked the resonator mode in Neil.

SPAW _ spaw is a name I think suits well regards and thanks this modules are underrated in V1 and so great

Can the PLL mode be enabled in this version of Tides?

This is in the source, don’t know if it answers your question ?

  • // Sync
  • // Slight deviation from spec here.
  • // Instead of toggling sync by holding the range button, just enable it if the clock port is plugged in.
  • // TODO make auto PLL (as it is now) an option? link