Aepelzens Parasites v2.0


I wanted to understand the PLL function, but I can’t seemingly make it work in Tides v1; neither in the original nor in Parasites.

I think I’m seeing it work in Tides v2; anyone else tried working with it?

Just right now, and V1 does not work and V2 works correctly.

During my testing V1 was able to close Rack without an error in the log.txt.

Here’s the selection :

TidalCrash.vcvs (3.7 KB)

Remove the clock from Tidal, then reconnect the clock and hit the frequency range button a few times. Instant crash.(Fun for the whole family)



Crashing Tides has been reported for a long time but fixes have not made their way into the official builds.

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My header would be

Tidal Modulator 1 crashes on Rack v2 :thinking: :smiley:

If there’s a PR / fix I’ll happily apply it to unofficial build. GitHub - hemmer/AudibleInstruments at v2-builds

But I don’t have time at the moment to investigate / fix myself, sorry!

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No problem :hugs: