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@veryfungi thanks man! glad your brain liked this one! :slight_smile:

@wouterspekkink thank you so much, i really appreciate your comments, and i really like this idea you brought up of polyrhythms building off a simple sequence, always phasing into new territory, yet keeping true to the original vibe. I feel like the rhythm part is the toughest for me, like where to add triggers or miss triggers. I used to use a ton of bernoulli gates, but now i feel like maybe i need more “control” of this part of the process, but so many times i find the more effort i put into a patch the more diminishing returns i get. such a interesting dance this controlled random thing!

@alheeley thanks, i was so surprised when i got that bass sound out of WCO just from feeding back it’s output into the rear cv input. it’s amazing what you get sometimes with audio rate modulation of things, so many new timbres & textures to explore!

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On the rhythmic part, one technique that I borrowed from Steevio and that works well for me is to have two simple rythmic trigger patterns playing (preferably at different lengths) and feeding these into sequential switches. Then I have two very scarce trigger patterns run the clocks on the sequential switches. I then patch various outputs of these switches to the percussive elements, like hats, maraca-like stuff, snare, etc. When you patch from two sequential switches that are running two different patterns, of different lenghts, then you get plenty of variation. I do always add some clearly accentuated off-beat hats as well to anchor things a bit. In the patch you saw on my thread, I used the Bernoulli gates mostly to control how quiet / crowded the percussive section is in various parts of the piece.

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Alien Contact:
oh this is lovely! definitely deserves a bit more verbbbb , more chorus and widening to make it all breath more, good stuff for soundtrack :+1::+1::+1:

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@wouterspekkink I really love this idea you shared. I have checked out some Steevio videos since you mentioned him, and I’m really inspired by what he is doing. I am realizing this trigger thing is definitely challenging and need to experiment more. But on the cv side of things, I have now had some success with how Steevio does his pitch cv with 2 sequencers, one with a basic sequence and another that adds/subtracts voltages from the first sequencer, and prime # steps on both, pretty fun stuff! Thanks so much for bringing this up!

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Thanks @Eurikon ! and I appreciate the feedback about these sound details that could have made it better. I think its a combination of my ears getting old and the fact that I can’t use my speakers anymore b/c of my living situation that kind of limits my ability to mix properly. Maybe next time I’ll just kick up some of the effects a little bit more for good luck :wink:

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This my VCP-26 entry using Squinky Labs’ Gray Code to modulate some stuff at audio rate. One sound is bugging me since I uploaded to youtube, Its the Rings FM voice that is too loud or just not mixed very well apparently, hopefully it didn’t ruin it too much…

(Wouter Spekkink) #47

FYI, @Mike of MicMusic just a few days ago made an adder, called SeVeN, which is really good for this. The latest version has not hit the plugin manager yet, but that one allows you to add/subtract up to 7 channels, or use the chamnels with unused inputs to add/subtract a fixed voltage (set with a scaling knob). This allows you transpose the whole sequence by an octave or even just a few semitones. You can also mute each channel separately. The knob also acts as a scalar for connected inputs. Ideal for scaling down signals from sequencers that send up to 10v, without needing an additional attenuator between the sequencer and the adder.

I made a small demo, on a crappy computer so including pops and clicks. :slight_smile:


EDIT: I realise I have now made quite a lot of posts about this in your music thread. I’ll stop now. :smiley:

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Nah, I appreciate your posts! I probably enjoy talking about patch tricks more than my own music which are just “experiments” at this point until I get better & get hardware. I just want to learn right now:)

I will definitely try this Seven module, thanks so much for this suggestion! I like yr video a lot. I was using a second Entropia and limiting its range within the module to -1 to 1v and just using a separate unity module to add/subtract. Works pretty well actually and I like how you can limit the steps and use probability.

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Nice one Adi!

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thx Lars !!

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Bouncy! :slight_smile:

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Thx Jim! I’m gonna start a video series called Dancing Rackheads now lol, nah :smile:

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Had about an hour to spare this morning to get in on the fun with Warps after Omri’s awesome Warps tutorial he put out. Such an underused module so I think he did a really great service.

This patch: circle vco into stabile into warps into another stabile, with a quantized s&h cv going into circle vco and warps v/oct’s (did this twice to get 2 voices using 2 separate warps modules). Had no time to expand the patch into a composition, so its just a rough 2 minute jam and here’s the patch if anyone is interested…Warps1.vcv (23.6 KB)

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I like it

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thanks Lars

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You had me at bleep. :smiley:

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Jim thanks, and that’s funny! not sure why I named it that, I think I’m running out of clever names :thinking:

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Here’s my go at the ML Evolution module. Not sure how or why it does what it does, but just made a sequence with the Analog Sequencer, threw it into Evolution with a S&H, and into Quantum Multiverse that feeds Audible Instrument voices. Hope you guys/gals like and here’s the patch: Evolution (VCP-27).vcv (90.4 KB)

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Wonderful piece Adi, I really like it!

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Thanks so much Lars! it was fun to make!